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All those people who lives in Mexico get residency permit and this residency permit also known as FM-3. If person wants to get permanent residency then it is known as FM-2. Many people want to do immigration in Mexico for various professional reasons. If we talk about popular and famous positions in Mexico then technicians, scientists and businessmen are the categories prefer to immigrate in Mexico. Now we will discuss different immigration rules and regulations for different classes of people like tourists, non-permanent residence and permanent residence. Every class of person has different laws for immigration in Mexico.

Firstly, we will discuss laws and regulations for tourist’s immigration in Mexico. If tourists want to immigrate in Mexico then tourists will get special immigration document known as FMT. This immigration document will allow the tourists to enter in Mexico for almost 180 days. The fee for FMT immigration document is almost $ 25. Secondly, if person wants to do immigration in Mexico for the non permanent residence then person should knows important rules and regulations.
For the purpose of non-permanent residence, person will get the special immigration document known as FM3. This immigration document should be renewed every year. If person wants to apply for FM3 then person should present important documents to Mexican embassy such as immigration procedure application, copy of applicant passport, proof of payment and copy of the FMT card.

In case of discussing immigration in Mexico then we should mention or discuss immigration laws and regulations for permanent residence. If person wants to get permanent residence in Mexico, then person should get FM3 visa. The application process for getting FM3 is same as FM2 application process. Like FM2 immigration document, FM3 should be renewed yearly.
For immigration in Mexico, the FM2 is like the green card of United States of America. Moreover, for doing immigration in Mexico, person should keep in mind this immigration process normally takes one month. For quickly and easily immigration, person should hire good and qualified immigration lawyer. By hiring best immigration lawyer, person will complete his/her immigration process easily and quickly.

Finally, after explaining important information and requirements for immigration in Mexico we can say that these days many people wants to migrate Mexico because of various job and business opportunities but for the process of immigration person should know its important rules and regulations. Every country has its own immigration rules and laws and before doing immigration it is very important for every person to collect important and necessary information.

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