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Improve Customer Service By Listening To Feedback

With so many negative stories regarding corporation behaviour, it is essential that businesses learn how to improve customer service.

The growth of social media sites such as Twitter and Feedback has resulted in more people posting their complaints online which, when left unchecked, has damaged the reputations of a significant number of businesses.

Many firms are already on the back foot as they are unprepared to cope with online customer complaints because they have not implemented a social media service strategy to deal with this advancement in technology.

Companies that are yet to organise an online approach to service can reduce the possibility of complaints ending up on social media sites by improving how customers currently experience their business.

One way to improve service is to effectively understand what issues are presently affecting customers which can be done through the measuring of feedback across different communication channels such as phone calls and emails.

Collecting meaningful feedback can deliver valuable insights into how people interact with a business and this can help shape future business strategy and product development as well as ultimately improve customer service.

One place to start gathering feedback is at a company call centre that can be responsible for thousands of interactions with customers on a daily basis which results in a goldmine of unsolicited comment and criticism.

The key to taking advantage of this feedback is to analyse which comments, out of the many available, are useful, however, this can take up valuable resources and prove extremely time consuming.

It can be difficult to log generic feedback from customer calls and emails but with the right technology communication channels can be analysed to pick up patterns found in speech and text.

Feedback can only be gathered effectively through analytic technology when it is integrated properly with customer services so business processes may need to be redesigned to accommodate such changes.

Performance improvement consulting experts can help organisations enhance customer service by redesigning their processes so that waste and errors are eliminated.

Management consultants can understand where processes need improving by applying systems thinking theory in order to view an organisation from a customer’s perspective.

Seeing how a person interacts with an organisation from their viewpoint is the most effective way to improve customer service and this can only be done through the proper application of systems thinking theory.

Systems thinking can only be effectively applied by highly experienced management consultant professionals.

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