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Improve Safety With Stairlifts

As people get older they turn out to be more sick, and this causes increased risk of accidents brought about by falling downstairs. Proof suggests that every year more than 10,000 people above retirement age are killed or gravely injured by falls, including falls down stairs. It is even a fact that as people age they have more difficulties with mobility in the legs and hips, making mounting the stairs more difficult. Both the possibility of falling and difficulty in climbing stairs can be ended by installing a stair lift in the house, and using it rather than climbing the stairs.

Using a stair lift will also enable the elder generation to maintain a bit of their independence, in the sense that they do not need to leave their home so as to move into sheltered accommodation, or a nursing home. Either of these alternatives could be beneficial for people who are very elderly, or infirm, but it does not have to be the direct answer for people above 65 when they are still healthy and very well. By using a stair lift, many aged people can live in their own house for more time, secure and safe.

Even though the stair lift is developed to provide the fullest comfort to everyone, it is a fact that few people might not have the similar ability or freedom of mobility as others. This is why for firms such as Age UK stairlifts have to be adaptable to their users’ requirements. There are now a variety of many different stairlifts designed to match everyone who has issues climbing stairs, including ones that have increased range for those with limited movement, or ones with toggle activation, permitting even people with arthritis or any other dexterity problems to deal with the stairlift controls. These are created to allow an aged person to be in a position to handle things like going to an upstairs toilet without needing help.

The stair lift is proposed to maximize the movement of a person in their older years, and this could mean that they are free to enjoy themselves in their own home for longer. As these stairlifts have to carry out a service, and need to do it each day, they are carefully manufactured to make certain that they don’t break down, or become unusable. Majority of the stair lifts can also be frequently maintained by the manufacturer, insuring that they always produce the service they are required to perform. All of the unique kinds of stairlifts available are proposed to offer a safe and secure alternative to climbing the stairs, keeping people energetic for more time and making certain a measure of freedom.

The Age UK Group offers a variety of stair lift features, including a powered folding footplate and a powered swivel seat; which makes using a stair lift even easier. To learn more about straight stairlifts, please visit: