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In Malaysia, Cloud Computing is like a Ghost…

We have been invited and attended the 2010 IDC Cloud Conference, and shared To Cloud or Not to Cloud? post to our readers back then.
This year (2011), we have been invited again to the prestigious IDC annual event, with a twist, this time as a speaker instead!
Interestingly, we were the only local-bred company listed as a speaker. What an honour. Thanks IDC.
The panelist Q&A session.

It was a full day event, and we ourselves had planned to share some of our thoughts on the ‘cloud is business’ theme, and prepared a 12 slides deck for the 30 minutes slot given.

The keynote speech by IDC was solid. Some great new facts we have learnt (would share some of those soon), however we were taken a back when the speaker said ‘In Malaysia, cloud computing is like a GHOST, everybody is talking about it, but it’s neither here nor there..’
We took it as a challenge, and also saw it as an opportunity!

We thought, instead of us going through our prepared deck sharing the general thoughts on cloud computing industry in Malaysia (the theme), we would do a live demonstration instead — and it would be a direct product marketing for us.

Luckily, our slot was much later after lunch, and we had asked for a permission from the organiser, with a pretext of dispelling the myth! (we were told much earlier to minimise product marketing). Fortunately, the organiser welcomes the idea, as it will breaks the mono-tone of many slides presented throughout the day by the various speakers.

The only condition was, to use our own Internet connection. We tested our 3G stick, and decided to proceed with it.
Have you seen the ghost? 100% live demonstration on-stage.

Needless to say, we delivered the talk with a solid 20 minutes live demo over a 3G connection, and some of the feedback we heard later, ‘Now I understand what is cloud computing really,  good demo by SKALI – I do see some benefits in moving to the cloud ‘.
Myth busted.

Mission accomplished!
Create Servers, Forget Hardware
SKALI Cloud team.

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