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Incense Smoking the Latest Craze or Old News?

Incense smoking is the latest fad in smoking products to hit the market in the USA. Herbal incense, as it is also called, is typically made up of plants and exotic herbs that have customarily had psychoactive properties. Some of the smoking herbs that you might obtain in an usual incense smoking product might include: Kava, Kanna, Damiana, Ginseng, Indian Lotus, Skullcap, and Wild Dagga.

Several of these plants and herbs have been available for thousands of years. It’s just that at the present folks are making it into Smoking Incense products. Smoking Herbal Incense produces wide and divered effects in people who use them-some folks experience a calm sense of relaxation, while others feel light-headed and spacey. What is general among everybody who uses incense smoking goods is a common feeling that it is an excellent alternative to other smoking products on the marketplace these days.

What is incense smoking, you may ask? It is a smoking alternative, like tobacco or cannabis, but one that happens to be lawful. One very big drawback to cannabis that prevents many folks from smoking it is the reality that it is not legal. In Western cultures today, it’s just not likely to function without having to pass a drug test nowadays, and THC is a most common test criteria. For that motive alone, though a lot of folks enjoy the smoking high they obtain from cannabis, they have to abstain from smoking it so as to be able to pass random drug testing.

Smoking Legal Buds has increased considerably in popularity in recent for this very cause. The plants and herbs found in herbal incense products are not currently tested for in any drug test, nor is it likely they will be. There has been some alarm about added chemicals that are possibly sprayed on Herbal Incense Smoking products after three players were suspended from the LSU football program earlier this year, but is unclear,unknown exactly how the LSU administration came by this info. The NCAA has gone on record that their drugs tests do not test to see if anybody has been smoking legal buds or not.

And it’s not as though smoking herbal blends of various psychoactive plants and herbs was a new trend. Ancient Babylonian culture used the ritual of smoking as part of their religious ceremonies, probably as long as 6,000 years ago. Native American tribes such as the Mohawks and Cherokee were using the peace pipe to celebrate sacred holidays and seal peace treaties between tribes long before the white man invaded North America. And early Chinese and Indian cultures were smoking legal herbs (at the time, of course) to communicate with the spirit world and “lighten” their bodies.

Nor is smoking legal buds entirely a thing of the past. In many parts of California law-abiding citizens can be found smoking legal buds that they received at a medical marijuana dispensary. In places like San Francisco and Humboldt County, smoking bud is tolerated to the point that it might as well be legal.

What is incense smoking? Just the latest in a smoking culture that has included peoples from every major culture and continent and goes back to more than a few thousand years B.C.

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