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Injections for Back Pain

If you have ever experienced back pain (and chances are that you have), you know that it can be very debilitating. Whether you are being held back from participating in athletic activities or not able to perform basic life tasks like cleaning and playing with your children, back pain can affect you in more ways than one might assume. It becomes even worse when you can not get rid of the pain. Believe it or not, this circumstance is quite common. In fact, a study done in 2005 by the Toronto Western Hospital research team noted that while most reported back pain is mild in severity, more than two thirds of cases persist for over a year.

There are several ways to treat back pain, from massage to frequent stretching to stress reduction techniques to pain medication. But if you have tried all of these methods without success, it might be time to look into another form of treatment. Injections for back pain have been a proven source of relief for many patients, and are a very safe alternative to more extreme measures. If you have tried many natural options, as well as medication and/or physical therapy, back pain injections might be worth looking into.

The reason back pain injections are so much more effective than oral medication is that they deliver the medication directly to the source of the pain. They are often used for lower back pain. The active ingredient is commonly a steroid, which serves as a strong anti-inflammatory that works immediately to relieve the problem at its source. The relief felt by the patient can last for long periods of time, but it can also be temporary, depending on the specifics of the injection and the severity of the pain.

Given that medicinal injections are not usually a cure-all for back pain, it is recommended that they be paired with other forms of treatment, such as physical therapy, therapeutic massage, or other suggested solutions. However, in the effort to discover the main cause of the pain, injections can also be of assistance.

Many physicians have found it effective to use an injection to determine which structure of the back is the main source of pain. In this case, a numbing solution such as lidocane or a similar medication is injected into a specific anatomical location. If the patient then feels relieved of all pain, it can then be determined that that location is the source of the problem. This may seem overly simple, but when it comes to back pain, the source is often hard to find. In fact, the back is made up of the spine, which contains 26 bones, as well as disks, muscles, and ligaments-all of which can sustain injury and cause pain. In addition, pain can radiate, making it hard for the patient to identify just where it started in the first place. This is where injections can come in very handy as a method of identifying the original source of pain.

Whether you use back pain injections as short term relief on your road to a long term solution, or as a way of identifying the source of the problem, the fact remains that they are a very effective tool in the overall search for a cure.

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