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Inquiring Minds Want to Know, What are Legal Herb Buds

Anyone wondering what legal herbal buds are has to begin at the beginning. In the beginning, Professor John Huffman was doing investigation at Clemson University when he began work that would lead to synthetic cannabis. He published his work in the appropriate medical journals, and then in the early part of 2005, some of these compounds began showing up in Germany, marketed as legal spice and alternately called K2 or Spice.

Loads of of these Herbal Bud products were said to have effects surprisingly similar to the effects of natural marijuana or THC, with users reporting an unwinding, euphoric effect. However, it wasn’t until the early part of 2010 that states began outlawing these legal herbal derivatives, and late in 2010 the DEA passed an one-year prohibition on five substances commonly found in some legal herbal buds: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497 and cannabicyclohexanol (from Wikipedia).

Although some online sites attempt to sell legal herb as just a legal form of marijuana, technically this is illegal and a violation of DEA code. The fact is that Legal Smoking Buds are just another type of smoking products, like tobacco (or opium in the 19th century), and one that is commonly legal in all US states. We say generally because there are an growing number of states have attempted to pass laws prohibiting legal herbal smoking products, but the herbal buds sellers just churn out an additional version of the product tailored to each state’s specific requirements. Most states in fact attempt to ban the synthetic chemicals obtained in smoking legal buds, however given that there were other than 450 derivatives of cannabis recognized this could be a very lengthy battle for the US states and the DEA.

Several of the other reasons people enjoy legal buds smoking is that it offers a way to stop smoking cigarettes and cigars. That’s right; plenty of folks use smoking herbs as a bridge to stop smoking tobacco because the very negative health effects of cigarettes are well recognized, while there are few known (if any) damaging health effects of legal buds. Still others find it a helpful way to gratify the need to hold something in your hand and smoke it. Unlike with cigarettes, the amount of legal herbal buds you need to experience the effects is very minimal, and doesn’t require you to keep smoking it.
Did you know the Nazis were the primarily ones to begin public bans on smoking in spaces like trains and buses? It’s factual; Adolf Hitler was quite the anti-smoking campaigner. He even went so far as to brand cigarettes as “a vice of the degenerate Negroes.” And of course, they blamed the Jewish people for the introduction of tobacco to German culture and its harmful health effects.

Furthermore herb legal usage isn’t just limited to the long ago, either. In San Francisco, California today there are “medical marijuana” dispensaries where patients who have a prescription can acquire legal buds. In Humboldt County, California, there are hundreds of thousands of acres dedicated to growing not-so-legal marijuana, and the local authorities are extremely tolerant of folks in possession of these herbs. In India currently, various spiritual festivals such as the festival of Shivrati and the festival of Holi involve spiritual wise men known as sadhus wandering the roads and smoking marijuana as an offering to the Indian goddess Shiva.

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