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Insomnia: How to End the Frustration

Insomnia is a common sleep sickness that has bothered
many people around the world. But the consequences
brought about by this disorder may not be as ordinary as
it may seem. It can be downright punishing.

You know the frustration of looking repeatedly at your
clock while endlessly moving around in your bed. It’s
mental and emotional agony to say the least. The
tension builds up to its peak when you see the sunrise,
and you have to go to the office lacking so much energy
after spending a sleepless night.

You don’t have to suffer anymore. Here are some tips
to help you snooze faster than you could ever expect.

1) Wake up and go to bed at the same time everyday, even
during the weekends. Some insomniacs tend to sleep at
any time of the day to catch up on some sleep they lose
during the night. Now this is the biggest mistake you
can make. It ruins your body clock and will only worsen
your insomnia. If you can’t sleep one night, get up the
usual time the next morning. You’ll be sleeping soundly
like a baby the next night.

2) Don’t eat within 4 hours before you go to bed. If
in case you went hungry, try some crackers or light
snack. But don’t indulge in an “eat-all-you-can”
feast right before bedtime. Your food won’t be digested
well, resulting in poor and uncomfortable sleep.

3) Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol. Caffeine can
obstruct your ability to sleep. Alcohol can make you
drowsy, but it can wake you up in the middle of the
night and bring you side effects that will hinder a
continuous sleep process.

4) Relax and stay fit. Avoid having a stressful
lifestyle. Exercise daily to release tension.
Engage in breathing exercises to relax your body.
Most important of all, don’t carry your problems or
emotional baggage to sleep with you. Forget about it
for the mean time. You can go back and solve your
dilemma better the next day after a restful sleep.

5) Never force yourself to sleep. Trying your best
to sleep requires some work. You don’t want to work
when you want to doze off. Sleep comes best if
you are in a relaxed and comfortable state. Just
lie down, relax, and let the sleeping fairy cast its
spell upon you.

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