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Introducing Computer Learning To The Little Learners

Once there was an island called ‘the Sunland’ where the inhabitants were living in harmony with each-other. The Sunland was blessed by the Almighty in every aspect. It was a land full of greenery. The Residents of Sunland used to enjoy every charm of life except one thing and that is education. The Sunland people soon realized the necessity of a school where their children could get the knowledge of the world. So accordingly they started searching for a teacher for the school.

Ultimately, the name of two teachers was shortlisted- Ms. Know-it-all and Ms. Find-it-out. Half of the population supported for Know-it-all, where as others supported for Find-it-out. So they decide to set up two schools and started sending their kids in their preferred schools. The teaching methods of these teachers are completely different from each-other. So this created a great conflict among the Sunland people and ultimately the land is divided into two parts and a big wall was built that separated it.

After hundreds of years, the land of Know-it-all became densely populated and people could not even stand properly. So one day the wall broke down and the habitants of Know-it-all saw that the land of Find-it-out is full of new resources and were very well organized. The difference in the livelihood of the people of the two lands occurred because of the teaching methodologies of the two teachers. Ms. Know-it-all forced the students to follow her and they were unable to participate in their learning process. Whereas students of Find-it-out were very happy as they equally participated in the learning process.

It is true that teaching procedures may impact the academic of the students. As it is an age of modern technologies now, so parents often feel anxious as to how introduce their kids to the computers. Young children are capable of using computers, especially if they are given adult guidance and appropriate software. A child learns the best when the child is given equal chance to participate. Sometime teaching a skill becomes difficult with kids in their preschool years. Children need opportunities to make choices about some of their computer experiences.

Many research projects come up with the facts that children below 3 should not be given computers to use. In the initial years, children should learn to use their hands, eyes and senses to know about a particular thing. Although they may return over and over again to an activity, they are full of movement, changing focus frequently. There are some tips through which kids can be introduced to the computers. These are as follows:-

• Generating an interest is first important thing in this process. To do that, teachers and parents can show kids how to draw something on PC or letting the kids solve a particular computer puzzle
• The computer learning should be integrated to daily classroom activities. Children should have the opportunity to transition into and out of a computer learning activity the same as they would for any other learning activity
• Have computers located in an area of the classroom that will not distract other students participating in their respective learning activities.A participatory teaching-learning process gives equal benefit to the teachers and the students. Here both of them can equally share their views and learn new skills from each-other.

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