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Introduction To Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is used to cure three main types of eye conditions-myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. myopia, also know as nearsightedness is the problem of not being able to see what is far away without glasses. hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, is the other way round. Astigmatism is something different where the patient has irregularities in his cornea which as a result distorts the image formed on the retina of the eye.

This surgery has been embraced by many a patient over the last decade to correct some specific eye defects. It has caught the imagination of people and has been gaining popularity every year. But this surgery does have its own effects and it varies from one patient to another. So before you actually decide on getting a eye surgery done, you should always consider the pros and the cons.

Operation comes with its own set of risks and they should always be considered seriously before you actually sign-up for an operation. Problems that might be caused due to this eye surgery are double vision, glare, and halo. One’s nighttime vision can also be affected, especially for certain operation procedures. Even permanent blurry vision and diminished contrast may be the effects of this operation.

There are a few basic things that any optometrist will look for before a this surgery. That would primarily include your eye health history. In case of a particular few diseases the chances of you undergoing a surgery will significantly decrease. These would include glaucoma, herpes, eye injuries or thin corneas. Any of these conditions can disqualify you as a suitable candidate for this operation. Another important criterion is whether there has been an alteration in your eyewear prescription over the last year. Before a operation of your eyes should be steady. If they are not then the optometrist might just postpone the surgery for a few months until he is satisfied that your eyes are ready to undergo that surgery.

As more and more people opt for this eye operation, the costs for the same are going down every day. But still the price might be a bit too high for many to bear. On an average one needs to pay around $1800 for the surgery of a single eye.

Laser eye surgery essentially falls into two categories: photorefractive keratectomy, and lasik, or laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis. These two types of laser surgery have been modified to create variations on the same theme. Lasek as opposed to lasik is a more modern version of pkr. All these procedures are conducted with the patient fully conscious, and drops are used to dull any sensations in the eyes.

Not everyone with eye defects is the ideal candidate for laser surgery. The risks involved are many, and serious enough not to ignore. An educated choice is always the best way to proceed.

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