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iPhone Application Design – Big Mistakes

The designers are nowadays busy with developing the iPhone Applications. Any concept or idea is converted into an application and put up for sale on the internet. These applications are offered at very reasonably rate and at times offered free so many of the applications are sold like hot cakes and downloaded quickly on the iPhone of the users.

There are many applications that are not sold much while there are still others that despite being sold in high number are hardly used by the buyers. The main reason for this kind of trend is the design. After downloading the application the use of the application in the first few days is high but as time proceeds the utility of the application starts falling drastically. This is usually because of the bad design and nature of the application. It is after downloading the application that most of the buyers realize weather that application is of any use to them or not.

The iPhone application should be user oriented and should be developed on the basis of the needs of its prospective buyers. If the buyer’s needs are not fulfilled by that application then it is of no use to that buyer. Nowadays, it has been observed that many applications have been developed with excellent code and appealing layout and design. The big flaw with most of these applications is that they do not address the need of the prospective buyers or it is possible that the utility of the application has not been known to the buyer before buying it.

Some of the major mistakes with most of the iPhone application that are put up for sale on the Apple store are as follows.

• There are various technical limitations that are sidelined. The possibility of slow internet connectivity and working of the processors is not taken into consideration. The architecture of the operating system is basically single threaded.

• The visuals are over exaggerated. At times the design is made to look sophisticated and when doing this the layout becomes complicated. Usually the designer happens to forget that the design should look as simple as possible.

• At times it has been observed that the iPhone application developers do not consider the GPS that is built in the iPhone, the functions of the iPhone and the accelerometer in the iPhone.

• The navigation through the application is usually confusing. This implies that most of the applications do not have an appropriate layout and taxonomy.

• There have been instances wherein the circumstance in which the application is going to be used is not considered. Most of the applications do not consider the handling of the iPhone and the application by the user.

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