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Is Christian Dating Fun Or Biblical?

Why do people think that when the word Christian is involved that it will not be a fun or exciting relationship?

That association could not be further from the truth, just because people believe in Jesus Christ, does not mean that they are not fun filled and exciting. The only difference in regular online dating and Christian dating is the members share a common set of beliefs. When dating, finding others that have the same beliefs and common goals are very important. Basing a relationship on uncertainty or different beliefs and goals can be a recipe for hurt.

Christian dating is not really any different than any other type of online dating experience. It is more of a specialized group that comes together to find love or friendship with others that share like beliefs. It is really no different than a specialized dating group based on lifestyle, heritage or profession. Many people want to limit their relationship to very specific similarities and Christian dating is an excellent way to do this.

So, you join a Christian dating service, and there are several out there, now what? The next step primarily depends on you and how detailed or specific about meeting others that you want to be.

For example, some people want to narrow the search down to only Catholics, no children and a professional degree. Others may not care what particular faith you are as long as you are a Christian. This is why online dating is so effective. Before the internet it took couples months, even years in some cases, to answer questions and find out information that might be more difficult to ask in person, today you look at their online profile.

It is the opinion of many daters and professionals as well, that online dating has saved a great deal of time, heart break and breakups because individuals can look at a profile to make a determination instead of wasting precious time. Also, weeding through the possibilities before making contact makes it easier on others, because they do not get their hopes up.

For some being rejected or passed over on an online dating site can be devastating and really hurts their feelings. That way if others only evaluate and pick from a profile, it saves some hurt feelings.

A Christian Profile

If you choose to sign up for a regular dating site and not a Christian site, that does not mean that you can not be matched based on religion. Some might ask “how would others know that I was a Christian, without seeming fanatical?” There are several ways you can let others know that you beliefs without seeming fanatical. In mere conversation, on your profile or by stating the fact upfront are all good ways to let others know. On most profiles there is a place for religion that you can answer if you wish to share with others. If not then when you are talking or chatting with others you can mention the fact that you go to church, believe and live your life for the Lord.

Look for subcategories

Several online dating sites have subcategories based on a number of issues that members can join. For example, it may be a group of cops or religion, but simply like minded individuals. Sometimes there will be a discussion or forum that has to do with religion where you can go in and meet new people, have conversation and profess your faith to other members.

Most Christians find that by talking with other Christians they learn a great deal. Many times others can share information about the Bible, Christianity or other daily living trials with you. This is great if you have questions, need a friend or are scouting for a lover.

So do not automatically assume that because it is Christian dating, that it will not be a great time. It is a matter of faith and the way that they live their life, but in no way inhibits their ability to have a great time!

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