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Is This All Politically Correct?

We surveyed more than 10,000 conference delegates in six countries where political correctness is high on the political agenda, and found that 98% of men and 94% of women felt it had become an oppressive concept that stifled their freedom to say what they felt without censure.
Political correctness, in regard to gender, was originally intended to combat sexist attitudes, language, male/female inequalities and to give women equal opportunity. Women were supposedly being oppressed by dominant men, but, clearly, political correctness is not supported by the majority. So, will it ever work? Scientists say that it’s unlikely. It has taken a million years for men and women to evolve into what they are today, and it will probably take another million years for them to evolve into beings that match a politically correct environment. The biggest problem humankind faces today is that their lofty ideals and concepts of behavior are a million years ahead of their genetic reality.
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