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Is Your Pet Suffering From Osteoarthritis Joint Disease?

Most dog owners do not realize it, but pet arthritis is exactly the same condition as human arthritis. The type of the disease we are talking about is the osteoarthritis form. This joint disease usually begins affecting canines (and humans) in the later years of life.

The symptoms of pet arthritis are the same as when the joint disease occurs in people. These are sore and painful dog joints. There is much discomfort when bending, stooping or getting up from a lying position. Although pets do not exhibit as much pain as humans do, they still suffer significantly from canine arthritis.

Pet arthritis happens when the cartilage within the joints begins to degenerate. As this happens, the bones in the joint are allowed to rub together and this causes pain since there are many nerve endings in living bone tissue. As the pet ages, this worsening of the joint tissue continues to progress. And of course as the pet arthritis progresses with the cartilage becoming more diseased, there is more pain and more severe symptoms are caused.

Just as with people, some dogs will get arthritis more severely than other dogs. This has to do with genetics (the breed of the dog matters a lot) and the size of the dog. Some dogs, depending on their genetic makeup, get arthritis worse and its onset is often earlier because of their genes. Additionally, the size of the dog matters greatly. The more weight the canine has to carry in his or her life the more severe their symptoms will probably be. Simply put, there is more strain put on the diseased joints because of the added pounds the canine is burdened with. Therefore, it is very important to make sure the animal suffering from pet arthritis is not over weight at all. Even a few pounds on a large to medium sized dog can make a lot of difference as to how much the arthritis disease will affect the pet.

As for treating the disease, it is important to understand that there is no cure for dog osteoarthritis. All that can be done is to minimize the effects and symptoms of the canine joint disease. Although there are some prescribed medications that the veterinarian may wish to give the pet with the diseased joints, we suggest, at least in the onset of the problem that pet arthritis be first treated with natural supplements such as liquid glucosamine. Because the prescription medicines for pet arthritis can cause severe side effects, and sometimes even death in dogs and cats, it only makes sense to first try glucosamine to treat the canine arthritis. It is 100% safe and has virtually no side effects. Plus it is far less expensive than the commercial drugs for pet osteoarthritis.

Learn more on our internet site about making use of glucosamine for dogs to treat osteo-arthritis due to osteo arthritis. Our nutritional supplements are 100% natural minus the risks of damaging side effects when treating joint disease.