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It Is Important For You To Understand What Transsexualism Is

Transsexualism is a word that defines transgender people, either due to a physical alteration at or near birth or confusing feelings about gender identity throughout life. While considered a condition, it does seem to be truly confusing for both groups of transgenders, as well as others trying to understand the people and the term. Some people believe transgenders are only those who have been surgically defined while others see it as a mental identity disorder that merely needs therapy or other similar help.

The first group of transgenders garners the most debate about transsexualism. Though these people are male and have all the male parts or are female and have all the female parts, they still feel they are the wrong sex. For some transgenders it may have to do with abuse, rejection from the opposite sex early on, or just not being able to fit in with the same gender.

This problem begs the question: Did God make a mistake with me? Many of these people ask that question but never get the answer they’re looking for. No one really understands why this particular group of people feel the way they do and will shrug them off or hope they stay hidden from mainstream society. But, does that really make things better?

The second group of people, those physically altered at birth, tend to be seen as victims. But, this doesn’t help with the ridicule for not looking or acting like the sex they were brought up to be. At the same time, the transsexualism problem is easily identifiable, as these people are usually on hormone therapy and have been for quite some time.

Some transgender dating leads to marriage and later one person discovers their true gender identity through medical records or a DNA test. With this knowledge, some will have transgender surgery. Though most people can discover their true gender through testing there are a few who even have ambiguous DNA – both male and female.

No matter what group of transgenders a person falls into they are all in need of support. Transgender help can clear the mess of gender confusion for many by uncovering events from their past. For those who were physically altered early in life, this kind of help can give them tools to deal with any anger or resentment they have towards those who made the decision of gender identity for them.

It is important for everyone to understand what transsexualism is. Remember, no matter what anyone’s problems are in life, we are all people and need to feel accepted.

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