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Reduce weight new way: the water jogging can lose weight
Fitness method one thousand kinds, which is the most suitable for you? Might as well as try water jogging. This is the newest fitness movement. Medical experts say, jogging in the water the body load can be evenly distributed, not only to weight loss and fitness, but also beneficial to the body’s recovery after the injury, which has a lot of advantages.
The so-called water jogging, is to choose the depth of 1.5 meters to 2 meters of the pool, a floating band tied around your waist, so you can keep the body vertical standing water, do not worry about leaning forward, they are able to concentrate on training. When movement, legs are not to the ground, head and shoulders are out of the water; hands and feet imitate the running action: the arms bent 90 degrees to shoulder for shaft, and waved, the main point is her fingers above the water; Knee and hip mentioned the height of the parallel, and then down on. So, no matter in which direction, will meet the obstruction of water, so as to achieve the effect of balanced exercise of muscles. If want to aggrandize the workout, also can accelerate the speed of the hands and feet dancing in water and the resistance help consume more fat. So after motion, heart and muscles are trained, and will also be taste of feeling that as if the comfort of a massage.
Water jogging action is not complicated, so long as to adapt for the frequency of the amount of movement. In addition, jogging in the water should be gradual. The feeling of movement is to adjust their own strength. Jogging after five minutes, and the heart rate shall not be more than 110-130 times per minute, and with the rest and the movement of alternating advisable.
Water jogging traditional training methods can reduce the impact on joints, to avoid sports injuries. Sports scientist said: jogging in the water the body load can be evenly distributed and have a distinct advantage than running on the land. On land, running each one mile and each foot would have hit the ground about 1000 times, and feet, knees and hips are shocked, which easily lead to muscle sprain or ligament strain; while in the water, lower extremity shock is zero, such accidents will not occur.
Water jogging is more efficient than the land training. Because of the density of water and diathermancy are bigger than the air, people consumption of more energy in the water than land. Tests showed that the water stays at 12 degrees 4 minutes comes out of the heat equivalent of the land at the same temperature comes out on one hour of heat. In addition, the water resistance of the air 12 times, ran 45 minutes in the water, the equivalent of running two hours on land. At the same time, the strength of the campaign, in the water than on land energy consumption is much, these energy supply to rely on consumption of sugar and fat in the body to supplement, through this method can gradually lose body inside redundant adipose.

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