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Jet Ski Capital Of Australia – The Gold Coast

Going jet skiing has many advantages, and many of these come from the fact that you are in the open air and exposed to the elements. There’s no roof on a jet ski so you can feel the wind in your face and through your hair (and the fresh sea air). At the same time there’s no speed limit out on the sea so you can enjoy this wind through your hair at any exciting and adrenaline pumping speed that you desire. Riding a jet ski for these reasons on their own is highly exhilarating.

One of the other huge boons when it comes to riding a jet ski though is the fact that you do so in such a range of pleasant locations. You’re immediately going to be on the beach if you’re enjoying a jet ski so that means that you get sea air, the ability to see for miles into the distance and the golden sand. You get to enjoy the fresh air, the heat, and if you go somewhere really scenic you can enjoy watching the views along the shore, the golden sand and the fresh looking water.

Hunting out the best places to go jet skiing then is a great idea, and there are few better places to enjoy this than the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. A city surrounded by water and vibrant in colour and lifestyle. Often it is referred to as surfers paradise, but at the same time it’s also a perfect place to enjoy jet skiing. It is indeed the jet ski capital of Australia and also of the much larger area.

The city itself is vibrant and full of life, and you will meant many similar individuals all of whom enjoy the coast for its skiing and surfing opportunities. It has a population of 590,000 making it the second most populous cities in the state and the sixth in Australia. It has a subtropical climate meaning that this is a great place to jet ski if you want to go topless and catch a tan and meaning it’s always warm. At the same time it not only features a great surfing beach, but also a range of canal and waterway systems for other activities which is why from above it appears to be surrounded by glistening blue water. There’s plenty more to do there too if you do fancy a jet skiing holiday to the area and there’s a brilliant night life to appreciate as well as a the rainforest hinterland perfect for tourists.

The beach itself spans a huge distance and has a a great vibe. There is no mistake here that you are in surfer’s paradise with a grand entrance and a range of small shops and stalls – everyone walking around in beach clothes and selling surfing and jet skiing paraphernalia. It is littered with beachfront highrise buildings and these feature many great places to stay while you enjoy the area. Of course the sea itself is a great place to catch surf and if you enjoy leaping over waves on your jet ski then this is a great place to come. It’s a surfers paradise, but it’s also a jet skiiers paradise… and further to that it’s just a paradise.

There is a lot of controversy about jet skis on the gold coast because of how busy beaches and inlets are there. And the amount of jet ski sales there continues to grow.