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Journeying In Trains in India- A Unique Experience

When you think of India, you cannot imagine the beauty of it, even to imagine will feel the need to see India first. Discovering India and its culture is not only easy and simple but also cheap. When you come to India with a mind-set of travelling India and exploring places, you cannot expect to see this stuff from 35,000 feet height, you can feel it on the road being on the road and there are nothing better than Trains in India.

Travelling in a train is neither dangerous nor risky as it seems to be on television, the Indian railway authority has made sure to look out for our safety and people who are travelling from abroad. Train in India are very cheap, fast and gives a lot of comfort to the traveller that diminishes any sign of inconvenience while travelling, you don’t get tired plus you get to a lot many places than you may have promised yourself. Whether it is Delhi to Mumbai or Delhi to Jaipur, trains in India make the journey very easy and comfortable for the travellers. There are many types of trains in India such as Shatabdi, Janshatabdi, Mail express, Luxury Trains etc., out of which Bhopal Shatabdi is the fastest train of all which runs at the speed of 160km/hr.

Thinking of the facilities which the Railway authorities provide inside the train is countless, from clean and tidy toilets to different types of accommodation; there are total 8 types of accommodation on Indian trains out of which AC1 is the top class followed by AC2, AC3 and so on.

The whole experience of experiencing the journey in the trains in India is different; everything changes when the tea seller welcome’s you with the welcome tea down the aisle. The whole picture is so beautiful that you have to be there to feel and believe it.

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