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Journeys to Healing: Healing Star

Many people are not raised with an awareness of sacred healing systems. Some of the systems that are in place today to teach people about themselves and the world around them focus on only a limited view of awareness. Health, for example, is one area where you see a lot of limitation being expressed. The idea that wellness is just the absence of illness is a good example of how limited our perceptions are. Treating symptoms rather than the root cause is another example of how some medical traditions fail to address the whole being- a result of looking at things in pieces instead of the whole. Of course, there is certainly value to all of the traditions for healing that we have developed, including modern medicine, it is simply a matter of proper use and sometimes proper combination of healing systems and modalities.

It is fortunate that there are also many systems that do recognize and work with an awareness of the interconnectedness of all systems and aspects of our being. Many of the healing systems that are being used tell us how our emotions and our thoughts can affect our physical and energetic bodies and vice versa. This is the principle idea in positive thought helping you achieve the things you want in life. In order to heal the underlying issues that could cause physical illness to crop up, you have to look at the person as a whole, not just as a physical body presenting with symptoms.

Ancient sacred healing systems have been guideposts for many in this journey, and many other systems have developed over the years. For many, history, tradition and long-standing practice feel more comfortable, but the fact of the matter is that new healing techniques are being developed in each and every realm of healing, from western allopathic medicine to esoteric healing. Examples of new healing techniques including the healing star system (Rising Star), a channeled healing system that works on an energetic level to improve a person’s well-being on every possible level. Tapping into our innate potential for healing is not new- many teachers have shown the way- it is simply a matter of listening and finding the path that is right for us on our own journey here on earth.

To some, this kind of talk seems very esoteric and “out there” and for others, it is simply their language of discourse. In order to make these sacred healing systems available, it becomes the duty of each person to share the wisdom in their own words as well as in those of the teachers, so that we can create a larger community conversation about health, healing, wholeness, and wellness.

Sacred healing systems work on a different principle. Instead of treating symptoms in hopes of curing illness, if we treat the whole of someone, we can cure and prevent these diseases as well. Healing systems continue to grow and evolve on the shoulders of those that have come before, just as we do as people. Healing star systems like the Rising Star system that have been given to us more recently are helping many people to truly heal and be well and balanced. The Rising Star was given to Derek O’Neill, and you can find him and his healing system teaching with SQ Wellness.