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Karaoke Software – Turn Your Computer into a Karaoke Machine

Finding Karaoke Machine Software

If you are a karaoke hobbyist or if you are looking for a way to entertain your guests with a karaoke machine, you may have downloaded trial karaoke software. However, most of the karaoke software on the internet has very limited functionality. Most of the software is designed for people who just simply want to play karaoke music. On the other end of the spectrum, there are full featured karaoke hosting software, but these titles are intended for use with a full time karaoke host.

Karaoke Software Features

In most instances, people who enjoy singing karaoke are not looking for a freeware karaoke application with limited features and the full-featured karaoke hosting software packages are overly complex. What people are looking for is simplistic karaoke software that transforms their PC into a full featured karaoke machine and makes it easy for them to view, sort, and request their karaoke songs. This karaoke software is available, it’s called Jukebox Jockey.

Sorting Your Karaoke Songs

The first thing you will notice about Jukebox Jockey is it’s uncanny ability to display and sort your karaoke songs in any way you want. The included view files allow you to sort your karaoke songs by artist, title, genre, decade, album, and more and there is an advanced search function that allows you to search by artist/title combination, index number, and more. Once you find the song you want to sing, just add it to the request list.

Karaoke Hosting Software

Once you’ve added your song, you’ll notice another very simple to use feature that will help you to manage who is singing what. Jukebox Jockey Media Player Home and Pro will ask you who will be singing the song, and once entered, will display the singer name in the request list. This makes this the most easy to use karaoke hosting software around. And you can manage your karaoke session with or without the host.

Karaoke Software Helps Manage the Event

Once your songs are in the queue, you can see who is singing what and rearrange the order of the requests as you see fit. Because of the way this amazing karaoke software is setup, you can leave your karaoke machine out for anyone to use it, while being confident that nobody is going to mess up the flow of your event. Advanced user controls allow you to lock any function on the interface. You can lock the play controls so that nobody can change the song, or you can lock the request list to keep people from bumping up their songs in the list. A lot more is possible with this karaoke software. You will have the most advanced karaoke machine ever!

Karaoke Machine Software and Hardware

If you’ve decided on Jukebox Jockey Media Player as the software, great! As for the hardware you need for this karaoke machine, it’s not a lot. If you input the microphones into the line-in, or mic-in port on your PC, Jukebox Jockey Media Player will allow you to control the volume of the microphones directly from within the interface. The on-screen volume controls will keep the clutter down so you don’t need external mixers.

Touch Screen Karaoke Software for Personal or Commercial Use

Jukebox Jockey Media Player Pro and Home can be used with or without a touch screen. Therefore, you can make a touch screen karaoke machine. The Home edition is perfect for those who are using the karaoke software in their home or for another personal purpose. The Pro edition has some additional features and is licensed for commercial use.

Visit for more information about how to create the ultimate karaoke machine. You’ll find a list of features that may surprise you and that Jukebox Jockey Media Player is the best karaoke software around.