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Keep Your Razor Clean and Germ-Free For A Clean Shave

If you shave your face, under your arms, or your leg hair, you probably keep a razor ready for this daily or frequent chore. You might use a plastic razor a few times before disposing of it, or you could have your own stainless steel razor of a permanent type. Whenever you use a razor more than once, it is important to clean it adequately before using it the next time.

Remember to use soap or shaving cream each time you shave. This will soften body hair and prepare it for removal, as well as remove dead surface cells, oils, and dirt. The razor will not pick up as much grime and residue as if you did not use soap for shaving. Always rinse your razor after each swipe to get rid of the first line of debris. Otherwise, it can build up and clog the razor, resulting in a dull blade and making it harder to clean afterward.

Then, when you are done shaving, take the razor apart if you have the permanent kind. Use a bit of liquid soap and warm water to wash off each part. Dry them or let everything air-dry before putting it back together. Place the razor’s protective blade cover over the blade and store it in a clean, dry area where it will not be prone to dust or moisture, which can cause a metal razor to rust.

If you have a disposable plastic razor that you plan to use again, rinse after each application of the blade. Let hot water run over and through it to remove cut-off hair. Try to visually inspect the blade area to make sure it is clean and free of debris. When you are done shaving for that time, drop a bit of liquid soap and hot water over the razor’s head and let hot water run over it to complete the cleaning process. Allow the razor to air dry before replacing the cover.

Store the plastic razor in a clean area, like a drawer, cupboard, or shelf, out of reach of any household children. When you notice that the blade is getting dull after two or three uses, you can then discard it and get a fresh, new one. Don’t share your razors with anyone but a spouse or child, if need be, and preferably keep yours for personal use only, as some types of germs can be transmitted this way, and you will feel cleaner using your own blade each time.

Keep a supply of fresh disposable razors on hand, so you don’t run out and have to borrow one from another family member or use the old one that is ready to be discarded. It might be a good idea to keep a replacement permanent razor on hand in case your regular one breaks, or for travel use. A few disposable ones for guests or emergency use (if the power goes out so you can’t use the electric one, for example).

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