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Key to Better Personality

Every individual has different set of characteristics and temperament because we all are born under different set of environment, biological, and physical factors. Everyone is unique in his own way but the road to achieve a positive and realistic personality can be common. Within each one of us there are immense possibilities to develop our personality with strong character.

As it is truly said that you act and feel, not according to what things are really like, but according to the image your mind holds of what they are like. You have certain images of yourself, your world and the people around you, and you behave as though these images were the truth, the reality, rather than things they represent. So my friends you must get your mental image right. You may find this difficult as it takes a great deal of time to remove false pictures which may have been built up through the years.

I have a solution to this problem. We should realize on our actions and not on our feelings.Actually action and the feeling go together and by regulating the action which is more under your direct control of the will, we can indirectly regulate the feeling.

So my friends it is very easy now you can change your actions. When you change your actions your feeling automatically change. This is where many fail in their attempts to practice positive thinking. They stop short of the final stage which completes the cycle of thinking, feeling and willing-namely, action.

The author Edward Kramer tells how he learned, as a Youngman, the power of positive thinking. He determined he would practice it. He persistently made his affirmations and positive visualizations, but somehow never got the result. His self doubts,feeling of inferiority and inadequacy still tormented him.

One day he thought: “Here am I, professing to believe all these wonderful things, yet I constantly feel down hearted and discouraged. What on earth is wrong?”

A friend, to whom he confided his predicament, drew his attention to the fact that action begets feeling. Kramer dates the beginning of his success from that time.

Don’t wait to be pushed into action. Don’t wait for the stimulus of circumstance or person. Be a self-starter.

Here are a few suggestions which may help to put this principle into practice. They concentrate on action.

* You have known your frustration which can come when you fail to speak in a meeting or group discussion. You have a good idea, but you are too timid to voice it. Then someone else steps up and is acclaimed for the very idea you have thought but failed to utter. You feel deflated. Practice speaking your mind. Speech is the first expression of an idea in action.

*Don’t procrastinate. “Do it now.” You fail to act because you just will not make a decision. You are still gone. Do your thinking and visualizing, then get right into action.

* Be interested in people. Do not shrink from having much to do with others for fear of being hurt or criticized, determine to be as objective and outgoing as you can. Express the good that you often feel for others, and which you like them to feel for you.

* Be ready to express a sincere compliment, and learn graciously to receive one.

* Learn a new language and speak it out even if you make mistakes. Join a class where you will have to speak and not just read.

* In case you are shy, hesitant and indistinct in your speech, make it a point on every occasion to say what you have to say clearly and decisively, and a good deal louder than you have been accustomed to speak.

* One tendency is watching others instead of getting into action. It is best to have a go yourself, whether you perform well or not. Instead of just listening to music, why not sing yourself?

* Nothing is as much interesting as people. Grow your social networks. Make sure you join the do-it-yourself club.

* There are always faults and failures, but there are always some positive points you can score up. Appreciate them.

These principles are easy and a great start on concentrating actions and controlling your feelings.

Act out what you want to become.

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