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    Important Steps to Ensure Your Healthcare Apps are HIPAA Compliant

    HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Some terms associated with HIPAA compliance you should be aware of are PHI (Protected Health Information), PHR (Personal Health Records), CE (Covered Entities), BA (Business Associates) and BAA (Business Associate Agreement). A mobile app which is collecting user’s information that has medical significance have to comply […]

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    What is the Need of Using Email Encryption?

    In most cases, almost all messages are sent in plain text over the Internet without any encryption type, although the electronic mail protocol with the ability to support encryption has no reliable measure to ensure compliance, or from end to end encryption. Even e-mail services like Gmail, which supports encryption between their service and your personal computer, cannot guarantee that your mail will be sent securely between your mail server and e-mail server of your recipient. In most cases, this occurs when the mail server of your recipient does not provide encryption support so; Gmail will be forced to hand over your e-mail in plain text instead. The same essentially applies to all personal and corporate media mail.

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