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Kiev Offers Endless Opportunities For Tourism

Kiev is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. The Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe and has a population of about 50 million.

The natural and historic cultural potential of Ukraine cannot be overestimate, from miles of beautiful coastlines and the Carpathians Mountains to the Dnipro River and the coastline of Crimea. Some streets are like forests, with glimpses through the branches of art nouveau balconies, vibrant cafes and beautiful sculptures. The city is a gem to explore since there are so many wonderful attractions in such achievable distances from each other. Enthusiasts of art and architecture will have a field day during a Kiev short break or weekend holidays in Ukraine.

One of the most ancient of Slavonic cities, Kiev for centuries has remained Russia’s major historic and cultural centre. Nowadays the cultural life of the Ukrainian capital is extremely rich and diverse and represents a wide range of experimental and traditional styles. For those interested in art, Kiev has a lot to offer. The art collections and architecture of Kiev are recognized world treasures. Theatre and museums buffs are offered an extensive list of celebrated establishments to choose from.

Theatre buffs will find much to choose from here. Most performances are in Ukrainian or Russian. The recently renovated Kiev Opera House presents very good opera as well as a broad repertoire of ballets. The Kiev Young Theatre is very popular and stages innovative plays in Ukrainian or Russian. The Ivan Franko Theatre is the centre of Ukrainian drama, comedy, and musicals. This repertoire has just opened its 75th season and includes brilliant versions of Aeneid and Teve Tevel, the original version of Fiddler on the Roof.

Ukrainian pottery, embroidery and handicrafts are available throughout the city. Quality and quantity vary from shop to shop. A growing number of hard currency stores stock Western food, alcohol, clothing, and electrical appliances. Most prices, in hard currency stores, are higher than those in the West and availability of stock is unpredictable.

A continental humid climate although it has changed significantly during recent decades. The warmest months are June, July, and August. The coldest are December, January, and February. Snow cover usually lies from mid November to the end of March.

Kiev offers endless opportunities for tourism. Travelling to this city may be one of the most pleasurable experiences in your life.

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