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Killing Off Carpenter Ants Needs Expert Help

Most of us love to be surrounded by greenery and plants, and it is because of this that some pests have migrated from the garden areas right into our homes. Carpenter ants, for example, are just one example of how the wild has started to encroach on our living space. They used to be found only in dense undergrowth somewhere wild, but the urban sprawl has meant that we are now encroaching on what was once theirs. It would seem fitting then that they now invade us too. Carpenter ants extermination will be on the minds of most, but this is not necessary really since they do little damage.

It would seem then that when anyone sees something in the home that should not be there, they want it out of the way as quickly as possible. They do not eat wood, in fact this was widely thought to be true, but they do burrow into wood and make chambers for the colony to live in. There will only ever be a maximum of about four thousand creatures in situ anyway so if the homeowner does not mind sharing their space, they will do little further harm.

There are proprietary sprays or powders on the market but it would seem obvious that this will not really reach the creatures if they are ensconced within the wood. To get any form of success with this kind of treatment, one would have to work out exactly where the colony is residing too. This could prove to be too difficult for the amateur for sure.

One of the main things that people can do to protect the home from these pests is to put some form of barrier between the house and garden. This means that wooden decking and plants have to be a couple of feet away so that the creatures cannot walk right in. Trees should also not be right next to the house because these creatures will walk up the tree, cross over a branch and into the roof of the building. Ideally, a cement wall around the garden should keep these pesky little creatures out in the wild where they belong. However, this is not often done as we like the idea of being able to see out for some distance. Also, these critters also sprout wings for a very short time so the wall may well be ineffective anyway. When they land in the right spot, they shed their wings and start to build their homes in our beloved wood.

For those who cannot work all of these details out, there are experts in the field who are well-versed in getting rid of just about any creature. They will know the habits and the nesting routines so they will attack the pest from several different angles. Look for these companies online and ask any questions that may be pertinent to the pest in question. Looking for a local company may well be the right thing to do since these guys will be able to come back for re-treatment if the first round does not work as effectively as one would like.

Stewart Wrighter is in need of carpenter ants extermination for his downtown hotel. They have found evidence of carpenter ants at that location.