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Kimkins – Atkins – South Beach? Top Ten Ways To Make ANY Diet WORK

Starting a diet? Having trouble sticking to the plan your already on? Don’t get discouraged… do something about it! Here you can find 10 simple tips to help you become more successful in shedding unwanted pounds — hands down! Why not get more bang out of the time and effort put into your weight loss program by completely eliminating the same mistakes so many others make? Take time to read and think each point through, and set yourself up for diet victory.

10. Pick a plan that does not cost you extra “out of pocket” money each week. Sure, these plans all sound like a good deal at first, but guaranteed somewhere down the line, you’ll find a reason to not want to pay that money any more. Especially if you are not seeing results on the scale as quickly as you’d like. What happens then? Nine times out of ten, you give up the plan all together and you won’t even have enough money left to buy that Big Mac you’ve been wanting. Instead, find a plan where you pay a one time membership fee for life, or better yet, find a plan that costs you nothing at all. That way, if you find yourself off track, it will be a lot easier to jump back on. Money will not be the determining factor. You’ll be!

9. Pick a plan that does not require you to leave the house, or go to a meeting or gym. Sure these things have their place and may be necessary for some people, but if you think about it.. Isn’t life busy enough already? Once you get overwhelmed and feeling frustrated, what’s going to be the first thing you take off your schedule? It isn’t going to be the kids soccer game, it’ll be your diet plan! Once again, with these types of weight loss programs, you’re most likely going to be out some cash somewhere along the line. Take the time to think ahead, consider your lifestyle, is finding the free time to dedicate yourself to these extra responsibilities realistic for you? Are they necessary? Try to choose a plan that does not demand so much of your attention. Chances are, you’ll stick with it for the long haul.

8. Pick a plan that does not require you to eat specialized foods that cost. (Unless of course, it is necessary in your circumstance). Again, think about it. What’s going to happen when Grandma invites you and the kids over for dinner? You’re going to all of a sudden feel left out and deprived. I mean come on, after all.. it’s Grandma! This in turn adds, not only temptation to quit or get off track, but it adds stress to you and your whole situation. Choosing a plan that is “everyday food friendly” is always the way to go. Not to mention a whole lot nicer to your wallet. The shipping prices alone on these foods would be a heavy tote to carry over the long haul.

7. Plan ahead and stick to your menu choices that you’ve made ahead of time. Most people make the mistake of choosing their meal right at the last minute, when they are the most hungry! That is a time when a dieter is most vulnerable! What happens? The dieter takes time to see what food is available, and when there is nothing “diet friendly” ready and on hand they are more tempted to grab something quick, like a pop tart or donut. The bad thing is, they reason with themselves saying “well, this one time won’t hurt.” Then, it is an endless cycle that continues until finally, they are discouraged they are not losing any weight. And give up. A quick way to remedy this problem is to make a simple menu plan the night before. Then, stick to it. Make that time your decision making time and don’t allow yourself to not follow through.

6. Show food who’s boss. Learn to say NO. Sound difficult? It shouldn’t, you do it everyday! Think about it, you say no to things all the time! You go shopping, and there are things you really really want, but perhaps you can’t have. Why? Because you can’t afford it. So you accept that simple fact and walk away and eventually get over it. Why, because that’s life! You would love to go out to the movies tonight with your friends, but you have homework that really needs to get done so you do what’s right and finish it and tell your friends maybe another time. Use this same discipline in your relationship with food. Learn to say NO.

5. Don’t focus all your attention on your “diet.” Eventually your going to want to “turn the channel.” Find a proper balance, this can be done by making all your food choices and decision making for the week, or for the day at that time. Then simply make up your mind your going to stick with it because after all, you’ve already though it all through and made up your mind. There is no more choices or thought left to be put in it. Now it’s “doing it time.” Put those decisions you’ve previously made into action when the time comes to do so! Don’t let something so easy overwhelm you. Let me give you an example of how easy this is: You have a job. The boss leaves you a list of specific things he wants done for the day. You do them. Understand?

4. Stick to ONE diet plan. Don’t fall into the mistake of jumping from one plan to another just to accommodate your cravings. For instance, don’t start a low carb plan and go without the bread and cereal only to turn around a week later and switch over to low fat eating just so you can have the bread and cereal. What will happen? Let’s just say this is a sure fire recipe for complete diet disaster. Want just one reason why you shouldn’t do this? Well think about it. Low Carb plans make it possible for one to rid themselves of excess water weight because their carbohydrate intake is so low. If you go from low carb and then switch over to a higher carb diet, guess what happens? All of a sudden all these extra pounds turn up on the scale overnight! You freak out, get discouraged and frustrated and eventually give up because “nothing ever works for me! I can’t lose weight!” Stick to ONE plan, be nice to yourself.

3. Remember that every right choice and sacrifice you make will have great reward. They WILL payoff. Think about it. You spend a certain amount of time going from your highest weight down to your goal weight. During that time you make the choice to not eat that cake at the church bake sale but instead you wait and order a nice salad at lunch. Over time, the rewards from these types of choices will begin to manifest themselves in your new appearance. You will look leaner and slimmer and guess what? This work you did once has the ability to dish out lifetime residual payoffs. Don’t you think this is much more beneficial than that 1 piece of cake? Consider your “reward collecting” time, it’s coming.

2. Still having trouble resisting temptation? Treat resisting food as putting “money in the bank” for the purchase of your new body. Every right choice/sacrifice you make is a down payment that your making. Eventually, you’ll have the bill paid off and the new body will be yours! Free and clear. Who ever thought it was that easy? We can BUY newer, sexier, leaner bodies for ourselves after all. Not with money, but with cake!

1. Did you get off track? So what.. people do it every day! When someone drives to a new location for a job interview and they take a wrong turn. Once they discover they are going the wrong way do they keep on going? No, they turn around and get back on the right track. And guess what? They eventually get there. Maybe later then they originally planned, but they still arrive. You can do the same with your weight loss. Getting off track does not mean you failed, it means your human. You simply need to turn around and go back to where you left off and keep going. After all, don’t you want to “ARRIVE” too?

April Wend – A 34 year old single mother on a quest to shed 160+ pounds. She has lost 97 pounds using the Kimkins weight loss plan – with 63 to go! View her progress: