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Kindle Manual – How To Save E-Books and Audio Books on Kindle

Kindle Manual – How To Save E-Books and Audio Books on Kindle

One advantage of choosing the Kindle is Amazon give user to the network. As it is known that Amazon is the largest online book store chain in the world.
Amazon has a digital library was incomplete and too large to make consumers particularly Kindle users are spoiled with a lot of books may even be too much to be stored on the Kindle.
Provide storage space on the Kindle is large enough to hold a book or audio book but as a collection of user is also greater then this makes the new problems of storage.

To solve this problem you can add extra memory for your Kindle in SD memory card. You can choose the kinds of memory cards ranging from 1GB to 32GB in accordance with the abilities and needs.
How the steps – steps to add memory and keep the ebook and audio book on the SD memory? Here’s his review. But before that you should consider what type of audio book or ebook that matches what is stored on an SD memory card, here’s his review:

1. Audio book has a file size that is large enough, there are even larger than 90MB. If you save the audio book in the internal memory from your Kindle, your Kindle will find the memory space you will be automatically filled by the SD card because it’s a good place to store the audio book.
2. If you have ordered from Amazon ebook but not in the memory transfer on your Kindle, the ebook is worth to be residents of SD memory card. This will keep the ebook and audio book remains in one place. This method is appropriate for the situation when you do not have wireless access
3. If you have image files, music files, and other digital files so it is best stored in an SD memory card because it will spend the internal memory space on your Kindle.

Here are step by step how to save the ebook and audio book on the SD Memory Card but before that you must install the SD memory card on your Kindle device:

A. Turn on your Kindle

B. Move the scroll wheel to “Menu” and press to select the Main Menu

C. Scroll to “Content Manager” on the Main Menu the press to select the Content Manager

D. Once the Content Manager screen opens take a look at your list of audio books and e-books – pay specific attention to the storage location of the book listed directly under the first word of the title –

a. “Kindle” – the book is stored in your Kindle’s main memory

b. “SD Card” – any books you’ve moved to your SD Card will have this location

c. “Amazon” – books you’ve purchased but that have not been downloaded to your Kindle will have this location

E. Choose a book now located on your Kindle by scrolling to the location of the book and pressing the scroll wheel to “select” the book. When you do this you will notice an “x” in the box Immediately to the right of the book’s title.

F. Next scroll back down to “Menu” at the bottom of the Kindle screen and press the scroll wheel to select.

G. When the menu opens, scroll to “Move to SD Card” and press the scroll wheel to select.

H. Once you do this you will notice the location icon will show the book is being transferred to your Kindle’s SD memory card. For example you will see an arrow pointing from the “Kindle” location to the SD Card location.

I. When the move is complete the location icon below the title will change from “Kindle” to “SD Card” – this is how you know the transfer process is complete.

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