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Kissing On The First Date Or More?

So how do you know when more than kissing on the first date is acceptable? Is it when you fall madly in love the first time you see the person or is it because of something else?

Kissing on the first date has been a taboo subject for decades way before any of our time. Today dating is much different and kissing on the first date is not as big a deal as it was several years ago. But, the question remains how do you know if kissing or more should be a part of the first date? Here are a few things that you should take into consideration when thinking about how far to go on your date.

First are you female or male?

If you are a male this is a no brainer, a lot of men would go all the way before the first date if that were possible. Men do not worry about what you are going to think of them tomorrow or how society may frown upon their sexual excursions. Men do not worry so much about the technicalities of dating. Women on the other hand have an entire set of criteria that they consider before they will even touch a man. They are thinking about how it will look, what others will say and will he be respectful tomorrow. Men and women are wired completely different and in order to decide what is right for you, it takes an examination of a few inner beliefs.

What makes you feel good?

Yes, sex makes you feel good, but that is not what we mean here. Think the situation through before acting upon your feelings. How will you feel about the decision tomorrow, next week or next year? Will you regret the fact, be embarrassed about it or feel good about it. This is the leading problem with those individuals that engage in sex on the first date. They often end up regretting it because they did not consider the consequences or think it all the way through. So think it through and just do not jump in the sack for fifteen minutes of fame.

Who is this person?

Another consideration in kissing on the first date and/or sex, is who are you with? Do you know this person and do you really like this person? Is this someone that you want to spend time with or are you looking for something else? Do you need someone to listen to you, or love you and instead of seeking the right thing you turn to sex. This is a very common issue, people are looking for something and are not sure what it is, so they turn to physical satisfaction. If this person is not someone that you can see yourself with past tonight, you may want to take the relationship a little slower.

Go for it

Of course most people are going to say that kissing on the first date is completely different than sex on the first date. Since there is not a dating code or law it is hard to know whether or not if you should. A simple kiss shouldnt be a big deal, right? Well, to most people it is not a big deal, but there are those that take it very seriously. Everyone is different so what may be a minor kiss, may be a true life changing event to them, so this is something that you have to decide. Most people would agree, however that if you are attracted, feel a connection and are interested go for a kiss on the first date. If not and you are not sure about the person, play it by ear, go out with them again to see where it leads.

Do what is right for you.

Do not get too wound up in what others think or what is right for them. Everyone is different and just because someone has an opinion does not make it right. So you do what feels right for you and quit worrying about everyone else. Have a positive dating relationship and consider yourself, no one else!

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