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Know About Natural Cure For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or piles as they are generally referred to in a common man’s language are veins that are present in the anus and rectum area that become swollen and inflamed. This disorder occurring between the peak ages of 45 to 65 years of age, and surprisingly affects every 3 out of 4 Americans. The symptoms may vary significantly and there could be itching and irritation around the anus area, with the presence of a painful lump or swelling. This annoying and embarrassing disease could also show up with bleeding that could be present with or without pain, in addition to other symptoms like a feeling of fullness and straining of the anus causing great discomfort. However natural cures for hemorrhoids have greatly helped many sufferers.

The natural cure of hemorrhoids lies in consuming a lot of fiber in the diet. Fiber has always proved effective in anyone’s diet, with it proving useful in hemorrhoids where constipation could cause great discomfort and straining aggravating the pain and discomfort further. It is very right to say that fiber not only helps soften the stools but also increases the bulk. This in turn helps to reduce strain while passing stools. Fiber can be consumed with eating a lot of whole grains and vegetables in addition to ground flaxseeds. Psyllium, a powdered fiber supplement can be taken in water followed by another glass of water. Triphala, an ayurvedic preparation has been greatly useful as a bowel tonic that helps relieve chronic constipation without acting as a harsh stimulant. Drinking sufficient amounts of water along with fiber could help greatly.

Hemorrhoids, a sign of general weakness in the veins that worsen with standing or sitting for long periods, being overweight, not exercising enough, and smoking find natural cure for hemorrhoids with using witch hazel compress or cream. Available in distilled water, as an ointment or in the form of medicated pads, witch hazel is made from the bark and leaves of the Hamamelis virginiana plant can be applied topically to the anal area. Witch hazel ointments and compresses helps to arrest bleeding of piles by acting as an astringent and would definitely relieve itching, pain, and swelling of hemorrhoids. It is again interesting to observe that compresses and ointments of chamomile or calendula have proved to be good topical applications.

Pregnancy could cause hemorrhoids, with the problem arising out of hormonal changes and increased pressure by the growing fetus, which forces the veins to work harder to pump blood. Bioflavonoid present in diosmin, herperidin, citrus fruits, and oxerutins used as a natural cure for hemorrhoids help to minimize anal discomfort, pain, and anal discharge and has been found to reduce heaviness, pain, bleeding, discharge and itching.

Lastly creating a daily habit of exercising has not only helped all, but it also helps to make the abdominal muscles more flexible and aided better circulation of blood in the rectal region. This has helped not only provide great relief from congestion and constipation, but has also strengthened muscles around the anus and reduced the occurrence of piles. Kegel exercises have helped if done regularly, with prevention of sedentary life helping to improve the situation.

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