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Learn All the Secrets of Belly Dancing

The word belly dance, is a western name for an Arabic style of dancing. In Arabic countries it is simply called oriental dance and some American enthusiasts call it Middle Eastern Dance.

Belly dancing is a form of dance that is not so widely acknowledged in America and other countries, but there is still a large following in the vast ethnic sector. There is a lot of debate in the community as to the exact origin of belly dancing. Some believe it descended from early Egyptian dances, others say it is derived from religious dances and some say it comes from the migration of the Roma people, with Indian origins. No matter where it comes from, the fact remains that it is an exquisite form of dance and its popularity and following grows every year.

Belly dancing is a great way to increase fitness. It is a very active and energetic style of dance, which elevates the heart rate and increases cardio vascular ability, so one of the many benefits of this form of dance is to elevate fitness level, and burn fat. It also helps to stretch the muscles, and limber the joints up so that the participant becomes more nimble and agile. With these two health related factors, it shows us that it’s a great hobby for those with a few extra years on the clock to keep them young and vital, and also just for the general health of people of all ages.

This style of dance can be tailored to suit anyone’s personal abilities, so that it is not overly strenuous on the cardio vascular system, or on the stretch in the muscles. The fat loss aspect is something that belly dancing has actually been manipulated for. Some fitness experts have used belly dancing in personal training regimes to help a client lose weight effectively. This is possible because it is a fun activity, so the client will be happy to perform a certain amount of belly dancing practice each day to work towards their fitness and weight goals.

Males in belly dancing are not very common however there are some males in this form of dance that are very masterful at the art. Even though they are amazing in their performance, they are sometimes not looked upon with much respect in the belly dancing community, as it was an art created by women, and was not intended for men to perform. This topic is one of much debate with the introduction of women’s rights, why shouldn’t men be able to do the same things women can do, and so on.

All these factors make belly dancing an ideal activity for anyone of any skill level or age. It is both fun and good for physical fitness, so there is a number of positive’s and no negatives. Give it a try!

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