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Learn How To Tile Your Bathroom

Tiling a bathroom is not the easiest of tasks so it is important that you learn how to do it properly.

If you are committed to tiling your own bathroom, you will be saving a significant amount of money by not employing a qualified professional but the quality of the finished job is your own responsibility.

The first step to tiling a bathroom is to make certain that you have all the appropriate tools needed for the job in question as you do not want to find yourself half way through the project only to realise that you are missing essential equipment.

Once you are satisfied that you have all the necessary tools, you must work out how many tiles you need to complete the project and this can be done quite easily through simple measurement.

Measure the surface area that needs tiling and then divide that by the dimensions of a single tile to get a rough number but it is likely that you will break or damage some in the process of tiling so ensure that you get a few extra ones just in case.

Always use a gauge, which can be homemade but are better shop bought, to discover where to place your tiles as this will help you determine where they should go on the bathroom wall.

When beginning to place your first tile, remember to start from the bottom and use spacers in order to minimise misplacements and to keep each one as perfectly even as possible.

Use a specific cutting jig to get straight cuts but operate a saw to achieve curves on your tiles because it will allow you to get the right lines when having to resize tiles to fit the very edges of your bathroom walls.

Make certain that you have plenty of waterproof bathroom grout because this will be needed to fill the areas between the tiles once they have first set and the spacers have then been removed.

The finishing touch to tiling your bathroom is to seal any gaps or seams with either silicone or acrylic caulk so that every tile is kept in place and water cannot dislodge anything.

If you are determined to undertake DIY tiling without the help of a professional then it is always advisable to hone your skills on accredited tiling courses with reputable trade training providers.

DIY tiling courses are for complete beginners and can be provided over weekends if you do not have time to train during the week.

Able Skills provide training through tiling courses , electrical courses and much more. We can provide training for anyone looking to learn a construction trade whether they are looking at guidance for DIY purposes or considering a change of career.