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Let’s Go Bass Fishing – They Are Biting Everywhere

It seems when you mention bass fishing these days, particularly amongst a group of people, it’s the catalyst for instant conversation. You don’t believe me…try it!

Bass fishing has literally exploded in popularity since the 1950’s. From it’s humble beginnings as basically a fish hunted for food, bass has evolved into the second most sought after sporting fish in the world. And if you think bass fishing is only popular in the United States, think again. The Largemouth Bass has been introduced to countries such as Japan and South Africa who have active stocking programs in place to ensure the species’ survival. Bass Fishing also received an international boost several years ago when a Japanese angler took out the prized Bassmaster Classic Title. I think then, America’s bass fishing angling population realised their prized fish had come of age internationally.

Bass fishing today is a multi-billion dollar industry. When you take into account there is bass fishing equipment, bass fishing gear, the trusty bass fishing boat, bass fishing baits… and the list goes on, you start to see the bigger picture. Not to mention the boost bass fishing destinations receive when there is an influx of anglers in town all trying to land themselves that prized monster bass.

Largemouth bass or Oswego bass, Smallmouth bass, Kentucky bass, Striped bass… as long as it’s bass then you are sure to attract an angling crowd. Popular destinations in the USA include Alabama, Florida and California. Bass fishing in Alabama and bass fishing in Florida are just about a national past time. California you say… that’s right, bass fishing in California would you believe, is just booming. In fact, it’s so popular that there is talk that Disneyland may have to be moved. Just kidding! But seriously though, this fish they call bass is extremely popular just about anywhere you travel in the United States and no offence intended to other states for mentioning the above three.

In fact, if you love to cast a line and you’re planning a trip somewhere in the US that has a waterway with bass in it, then get in touch with the local city or tourist office and get the “lowdown” on where the bass are biting in that area. I’m sure they will be more than helpful however, I’m not too sure the locals will want to part with any insider information…if you know what I mean.

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