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Life Changes For Weight Loss

By looking at magazines, TV, newspapers and listenting to the radio, it would seem we all have weight loss and health issues. Eating healthy seems easier said than done with all of the media focusing
on this diet and that diet. The truth is, not all
diets work the same for each person. Changing your eating habits for an overall better healthy lifestyle is the best decision anyone can make for themselves.

Alternating between eating healthy and junking out is a struggle we all face. So how do you handle a slip up? Getting frustrated is a common cycle for most of us, especially when we consider the way we beat ourselves up over having a thin slice of chocolate cake. The labeling of our badness we create when it comes to food can be detrimental to our health. Behavior modification strategies over one strict diet can help us break this self-beating cycle and help us make changes which will last a lifetime.

Changing your eating habits is a form of behavior modification. It begins with changing your self-thought and attitude pertaining to food. This helps us change our attitudes about our eating, our bodies, and our weight, which helps us change our behavior. When our behavior and attitude changes, then our inner self will also change and weight loss will begin to occur without any major effort.

When we feel good about ourselves, we can’t help but be attractive to others. The goal is to feel better
and raise our self-esteem so our bodies can reflect our new self-confidence and attitude to others. Getting help from professionals like a dietician, weight doctor, personal trainer, psychiatrist, or life coach is recommended. Circumstances in our lives can cause habitual behavior which many people do not realize till taking a good look at themselves in the mirror. Once this conclusion is drawn by the individual, then self-healing can being and better eating habits and weight loss will occur.

Some suggestions to help you with changing your life leading to weight loss are:

Changing your inner voice – If you keep telling yourself you will not lose weight, then guess what, you won’t. Use supportive words to help you reach your goals.

Change your Eating Habits – Stop dieting! It doesn’t work for you so why continue to diet and then beat yourself up, just change your overall eating habits.

Be positive – Only use language which screams positive and sunshine! Surrounding yourself with
others who see life and positive as positive images will also help you change your behavior toward food as a good thing.

Understand real hunger, over emotional hunger – Don’t eat for comfort! If a situation consistently upsets you, then stop continuing putting yourself in the same situation and stay totally clear of it. If it causes you to run to food to deal with it, then the situation is not a healthy one.

Become more aware of your surroundings and the people you fill your life with. Many times, the problem people face when trying to lose weight partly comes from their inner voice and partly from outside sources. Be strong and self-analyze your situation or seek the help of a professional to begin your journey to a new life.

JM Jackson is a fitness, health and weight loss consultant in northern Califormia. For more information see Weight Loss Hypnosis.