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Long Term Treatment For Long Term Success

Long-term substance abuse treatment is often the best choice for young men. There is a higher risk of failure for those who attend short-term treatment programs, defined as programs that last less than 120 days. Long-term treatment gives young men the chance to learn more than just the basics of sobriety and to get more sober time in before heading back into situations where temptations lurk.

Young men often face tremendous peer pressure to use drugs. The unfortunate young men who develop a problem need to be in an environment where other peers are supportive of sobriety, where sobriety is actually encouraged and is the rule instead of the exception.

Long-term treatment also gives the added benefit of intense education and long-term observation for doctors and counselors to spot co-existing disorders. This is one of the most critical aspects of treatment because so often there is another mental disorder that exists alongside substance abuse. Finding out what this co-existing disorder is can be the difference between relapse and continued sobriety, so the longer the treatment, the greater the chance of finding any additional issues such as depression that can stand in the way of long-term recovery.

Many times a long-term treatment facility is able to offer additional services outside of traditional rehab centers. For example, many long-term facilities are able to offer academic courses. A recovering addict can earn a GED or take college courses while they are putting life into perspective. This gives a recovering addict the opportunity to make their lives better even while they’re still in recovery, which increases self-esteem and gives the addict an opportunity to get ahead.

Long-term drug rehabilitation is one of the most successful tools for young men to use when getting sober. When these long-term programs are also dual diagnosis rehab centers, the chances for success are even greater. Long-term dual diagnosis rehabilitation is the answer that many parents of teenage addicts are looking for.

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