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Love in Goa

A warning: The weak-hearted should not visit Goa, the strikinglybeautiful beach destination on the western India, because you will fall hopelessly in love with her.
Variously known as “Pearl of the Orient” and a “Tourist Paradise”, Goa’s magnificent scenic beauty and architectural splendors of its temples, churches, and old houses have made Goa something like opium, you could not get out of your system.

A virtuous maid, Goa however got her name tarnished a bit in the past; not her fault, though. When the Hippies came here in the 70s, they popularized the idea of a laid-back Goa, which is found in the beaches, parties, sex and drugs scene. Goa is bewitching, no doubt, but to brand her a one-night-stand push over is rank injustice.

Her ravenous beauty of the golden beaches is not all; it has an equally alluring soul that goes deep into its history, rich culture, and an ambience that is instantly soothing. She was a Portugese find, in one sense. In the last quarter of the fifteenth century the Portugese seafarers sailed in, while searching for a new route to India—the land of riches. And the story of her beauty spread like wildfire and many adventurers came in later. The result was a multi-culture matrix with a strong string of Christianity running through it all.

You may lazily lie around the golden beach let Sun bake you, or get around the Baga Beach at Munna tattoo and get a sexy tattoo done. Or go to Calungute beach and get your fill of unforgettably tasty meal from one of the many bistros there. Or take a Panjim – a bike like Pulsar 180DTSI that cost you just INR150 a day or get into a Rave party paying just INR 300-500 a person.

Goa’s mesmerism is such that the India premiere of Oscar Award winner Ang Lee directed Hollywood film ‘Taking Woodstock’ was recently held

at a multiplex in Goa. Payng tribute to her, slstourist offers their honorable guests a 4-day
Goa Beach holidays. They believe you deserve it. Goa: it’s where the lion and the lamb drink water from the same bowl—a place loved by all, be it nature lovers, honeymooners or plain vacationers.

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