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Low of love between Man & Woman

1. Man wants to leave his wife when his is rich, but he will be left if no money comes in.

2. Woman anxious for his husband cannot earn money and regret for the man get too much money.

3. The indication of man have paramour is his work become more and more busy, but if the food get more salty than before, the man need to pay attention on his wife.

4. Man entrust his friend to take care of his girlfriend, but finally his girlfriend become his friend`s wife, they are still friend; woman trust her friend will look after her boyfriend, but her boyfriend become her friend`s husband, they are no friend any more.

5. The losing man like to show his wife, the successful woman enjoy showing his husband.

6. Woman wants to stop his husband squabbling with traffic police on his parking penalty; the traffic police need to stop the woman quarreling with her husband on her parking fault.

7. Woman will make a sudden braking when she angry with his husband, man will step a deep accelerator if he quarrel with his wife.

8. Woman`s appearance changed in man`s thought, beautiful in loving, common in living, ugly in divorcing, and then come back to shinny when she is left; Man`s characteristic also moved in woman`s hurt, hearty in loving, Bored in living, false in divorcing, and then come back to honest.

9. Man awkward for his drunk wife will tease his friends; the woman awkward for his husband`s drunk friends will tease herself.

10. Man cannot show his agreement when his wife say she is not beautiful; Woman must show disagreement when her husband say he is unsuccessful.

11. Woman will honest to tell his husband she was rewarded 1000 from company, but lower down the amount to 500 to her friends; Man will lie to his wife he got 500 from company and up the amount to 1500 show to his friends.

12. Woman comforts herself with her bad life; man comforts himself with another man`s bad life.

13. Woman keeps case-dough for his husband`s future life; Man save case-dough for some other women`s future life.

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