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Make Your Own Home Remedy Zit Cream

Face it…no one wants to wake up with a zit.

It’s a painful and embarrassing skin blemish that always seems to pop up when you least expect it (or need it).

Whether it is picture day at school or right before your big date, a skin blemish can ruin your day.

Instead of suffering through these unsightly blemishes or picking at them, which can cause your skin to scar, use a home remedy zit cream that is effective and inexpensive.

These creams and potions can be quite expensive if purchased at your local drug store or department store.

Why spend money for fancy packaging or a name brand when you can make you own home remedy zit cream.

Your first step to curing your acne problem is to take care of your body from the inside out.

Eat a well balanced diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, and get an adequate amount of sleep each night.

Ensuring your body is healthy inside and out will prevent the number of pimples and the frequency of your breakouts.

How About This Home Remedy Zit Treatment?

When beginning to make your home remedy for zit and pimples, look at items in your kitchen, pantry, or refrigerator.

When a pimple pops up, rub crushed garlic cloves on the skin.

The garlic will reduce swelling as well as cure the pimple.

Another great homemade recipe is to mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

Apply this mixture to any pimples and watch them shrink!

There are a number of great homemade remedies to reduce and prevent skin blemishes.

It is important you correctly care for your skin in order to ensure your body’s largest organ ages gracefully without unsightly scars or uneven texture.

These great remedies will fit into any budget and ensure your skin is perfect for those big days and every day.

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