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Makeup for Photography

As a woman, wearing makeup is something you are likely used to, and that you most likely consider a necessary morning ritual before you start each day. This is something you do to improve your confidence, and something you do in order to attract members of the opposite sex (or to please those members that you have already attracted).

However if you find yourself getting ready for photography then suddenly your makeup because even more important. On days where you know you are going to feature in lots of photos, or important photos, you need to give your makeup extra consideration. If you are going to be seeing a portrait photographer, or are having a wedding with a wedding photographer, then these are two such examples. Here we will look at how to do your makeup with your wedding photographer or portrait photographer in mind.

First of all you need to make sure that your skin looks good. This is highly important for any photograph, but particularly if you are using a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer who will have a highly powerful high definition camera that can otherwise pick up every last blemish and spot. In order to give yourself perfect porcelain type skin you then need to use a foundation that will cover your skin and make it appear smooth, as well as a concealer in order to hide one or two of the angrier and more difficult blemishes. If you want to get a little bit of a tan on the go then this can help further, or you can use a foundation that is a step lower than yours. A little blusher can help to bring color to your cheeks, but do keep this on the milder and more subtle side of things.

Next you need to do your features. This means in other words your eyes and lips, and you need here to decide on which you want to stand out more. If you have heavy makeup on your eyes and bright lips then this is going to make you look like a clown – which is just unfortunate. What you should do instead is to make just one area your main feature and make that up more heavily. You might for instance opt to go for smoky eyes – using a dark eyeliner to outline them, and a heavier eyeshadow in order to make them look more sultry. In this case just a light lip gloss on your lips can be enough to make them look wet and kissable (particularly useful for your wedding where the wedding photographer is not the only person you are trying to please).

Alternatively you might want to focus more on your lips in which case you are going to want to use a bright lipstick such as a red or a hot pink. This can make them look fuller and draw the eye to them and to make them look fuller still you should use a lip liner and draw around the outside of your lips.

If you are using a wedding photographer Melbourne or a Melbourne portrait photographer then you need to look good. Visit the links to get some great photos that will last you a lifetime.