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Making Dangerous Dating Assumptions

When men and women are dating, they always seem to make assumptions about what is going on in the other person’s mind. They have already decided on what the other person is thinking, what the other person wants, or what they need. Assuming things like this will lead to nowhere fast. All that you will do is create misunderstandings, guilt, and potential embarrassing moments.

Here is a little story: Stacy’s sister was having a beautiful romantic wedding ceremony. Of course Stacy wanted to bring her date Michael to the wedding to share this incredibly romantic experience with. During the wedding festivities Stacy was flowing with joy and love that was in the air from the entire wedding atmosphere.

She asked for Michael’s hand and wanted him to look deep into her eyes as they danced. But Michael acted cold towards her. Unfortunately for Stacy, Michael had already been bitten by the love bug for another girl just a week earlier and just went with Stacy because he thought that she just needed an friend to go to the wedding with.

The following are lessons that we can learn from Stacy’s experience:

* Do not have expectations. Whatever happens between two people is unpredictable and some people will react poorly to demands early on in the courtship. Without expectations then few feelings will be hurt if the date goes poorly and better yet if the date goes good, then it will be a ‘bonus’.

* Make sure that you both openly agree on exactly what the date is about and what you each are there for.

* Be totally honest with each other about other relationships from day one. If you are seeing somebody on a casual basis, be open about it!

* Be clear with each other exactly what the date plans are to be. Sometimes the person is not aware or not interested in what you have planned, which may cause the outcome to be upsetting to both of you.

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