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Making Do Without Your Computer

A computer is an incredibly useful tool and one that has become almost ubiquitous in our daily lives. Without a computer we are not able to surf the web, to communicate with friends, to watch certain films and TV shows, to check our e-mails, to get on with work, or to pursue hobbies like gaming or learning a foreign language. A computer is a portal into many varied activities and it’s huge number of purposes means that we have become very dependent on it for a host of jobs.

The problem though is that sometimes computers break. This happens when we drop them, and it happens when they get clogged up with files and things that we shouldn’t have installed. Viruses are around every corner online and the shelf life of a computer without PC repair and IT support is limited. When this happens we then lose this highly important crutch that we have become so dependent on.

Fortunately there is salvation in the form of IT support and PC repair. Using these services it is possible to have our computers rebuilt to be as powerful and as multifunctional as ever before and to get back this ‘portal’. The only problem is… what do you do in the meantime?

Well while you’re getting PC repair you will need to look to other ways of accessing the internet, entertaining yourself and generally ‘computing’. Here are some suggestions as to how you can get by with no computer until the PC repair is over.

Cyber Cafes: Cyber cafes are a great invention. Essentially you sit in a cyber cafe and you buy a drink or pay by the minute and that then gives you permission to use the computers. Usually these will have full internet access and most other privileges so if you need to check e-mail or get on with work in Excel then you can. Bring a USB stick and you can take anything you accomplish with you.

Library: The library is a great place while your PC is in PC repair. This is like a cyber cafe except free. Only not everyone has a library near, and at the same time your library might not yet provide computers or internet access.

Work: You need to use your work computers for work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sneakily check Facebook and draft up a message to your friends re: that party. All you have to make sure is that there are no micromanaging bosses looking over your shoulder, and that you can do this without drawing attention to yourself. Otherwise you can ask to stay late and do it, or squeeze it in in your lunch hour.

Friend: You can always borrow the PC from a friend, or go round their home. If you are in a family household meanwhile then normally at least one member of your family will have a computer.

Smart Phone: In many ways smart phones are starting to overtake computers in terms of who has them and how functional they are. If you have one you should be at least able to check the web and send e-mails.

Making do without your computer can be stressful until it comes back from computer repairs Melbourne. Follow the links for IT support Melbourne to get the repairs quickly.