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Male Organ Bumps After Intimacy – The Role Of Lymph Fluid

Understandably, men who develop male organ bumps after intimacy can be concerned about infections and their partner’s history; and it’s a fact that bumps are symptomatic of certain partner transmitted infections. On the other hand, some types of male organ changes come about due to the trauma of intimacy itself. Specifically, small lymph channels can be broken or damaged during very active intimate sessions, and when that happens, soft swellings can persist. They can be frightening, and doctors should always be consulted when they appear, but some simple male organ care techniques might help when trauma-based bumps threaten to zap a man’s confidence in the bedroom.

Lymph and Health
The lymphatic system is made up of a number of very small channels that push a fluid (lymph) from one part of the body to another. This fluid is odorless and colorless, but it plays an important role in the overall health of the immune system. Without it, the body couldn’t deliver all of the tools it needs to fight off an infection, and it couldn’t carry away the byproducts left behind when a battle against germs is unfolding.

Lymph nodes, located all over the body, are the central gathering points for all of the tiny tubes that carry lymph. There are a few of these little nodes in the groin, but the male organ itself is simply loaded with vessels that hold this fluid. These are the tissues that can break when the activity gets rough.

Intimate Damage
Self-pleasuring techniques that involve twisting and yanking, coupled with a lack of lubricant, can cause damage deep below the skin. Fat cells and blood vessels move out of their accustomed spaces, and they can crowd lymph vessels to such a degree that they bend, break and leak. The same thing might happen during partnered intimacy, if the two parties get wild without a slippery barrier between them.

A broken lymph vessel won’t cause a bruise, and it doesn’t typically cause pain. But, it is an awful lot like a leaking pipe deep within the body. Fluid that should be inside of the lymphatic system is spreading into nearby tissues, and the leak can grow so large that it’s visible to the unaided eye. This problem is called “non-venereal sclerosing lymphangitis,” and the bumps can be quite large. In one reported case, a man had a lesion like this that was 2 millimeters wide, and it encircled his entire male organ. His problem was caused by an episode with his wife. Studies like this prove that this problem really happens, and that it can be pretty dramatic.

Overcoming Lymph
Spills inside the body are somewhat common. Bruises, for example, are leaks of blood underneath the skin caused by some kind of tear in the cardiovascular system. They might be unsightly, but the body seems to have processes in place that can repair the damage.

After visiting a doctor and ensuring that nothing more serious is happening, men with lymph bumps can:
• Massage the area, helping the fluid to move out and get reabsorbed
• Apply ice to reduce localized swelling
• Refrain from intimacy so tissues can heal
• Use over-the-counter pain medications, if the spot does cause pain

Preventing a recurrence of the issue might be easy enough if men take care to be gentle with their bodies in future episodes. A male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might also help. These products can support the skin’s elasticity, so it can move freely during intimacy without locking up, ripping or tearing. Vitamins in these products can also boost the health of traumatized skin, so it can knit back together and feel stronger than ever. In addition, quality products can allow male skin to become so soft and so sensitive that rough techniques just aren’t necessary. In the fight against bumps, that could be a remarkable help.