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Male Organ Function And L-Arginine – Nutritional Heavy-Hitter For Reproductive Health

Until the 1990s, medical researchers were not really aware of the important role that L-arginine plays in male organ function. While they understood that it affects heart health overall, its benefits for reproductive health were just coming to light. In fact, without L-arginine, neither men nor women are able to enjoy intimacy. This article discusses the way that L-arginine functions in the body and in the male reproductive organs, as well as how it should be part of any male organ care regimen.

What is it, anyway?

L-arginine is one of many amino acids – specialized chains of molecules – that carry out a range of vital functions in the body. This compound is a precursor to a chemical called nitric oxide, or NO, that is essential to regulating blood flow through triggering the dilation and contraction of blood vessels. In fact, many readers may already be aware that NO is often used for treating angina, or chest pain related to inadequate heart function; NO is also an important part of the recovery process after a heart attack.

While the entire body depends on NO for proper circulation, this substance is of special importance when it comes to bedroom performance. Like men, women depend on it to become excited; but men, in particular, cannot achieve full tumescence without the presence of L-arginine.

Other benefits – and there are many – of this nutritional heavy-hitter include:
• higher energy levels;
• faster healing time from injuries;
• increased immune system function;
• increased muscle mass and decreased body fat (a property that makes the compound especially attractive to weightlifters and fitness buffs);
• higher fertility rates;
• reduction in growth of cancerous tumors.

Where does it come from?

With all of these benefits, it is clear that everyone should be concerned with getting enough L-arginine to meet their body’s needs. Most men can get the L-arginine they need by consuming a healthy, balanced diet. To ensure that enough of this nutrient is being consumed, men should be sure to eat plenty of the following food items:
• Cottage cheese, milk and other dairy products;
• Peanuts, tree nuts and soy products;
• Lean beef (in moderate amounts);
• Poultry;
• Fish and other seafood.

Because of increasing awareness of its importance in cardiovascular health, many supplements are also now available containing L-arginine. Individuals who are considering using oral nutritional supplements should consult with a doctor, especially if they have any preexisting health conditions. L-arginine may be counter-indicated in some individuals; for instance, it can increase the duration and severity of HSV outbreaks.

Furthermore, any men who have symptoms of male dysfunction, including an ability to achieve and maintain a hard on long enough to complete that lasts longer than two weeks, should see a doctor for a full evaluation. A number of underlying physical and mental health conditions are linked to male function, so it is important to address these before turning to self-treatment.

An alternative delivery system for L-arginine

Men who prefer not to rely on over-the-counter oral supplements and who are concerned that they may not be getting enough L-arginine in their diet may consider an effective alternative. A specially formulated male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contains L-arginine, as well as other important nutrients that affect male organ health and function, can provide an efficient delivery system. A nutrient cream that is massaged directly into the manhood skin can provide vital nourishment directly to the tissue in question, without relying on the digestive process to supply the area with important vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. The added benefit of such creams is their moisturizing properties, which can leave the skin feeling smooth, supple and youthful after just a few weeks of use.