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Male Organ Function- Exploring The Link With Mental Health

It makes sense that maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly and taking care of the male organ should leave it primed for perfect function. However, even the most well-cared-for male organ is still attached to a brain, and men who are experiencing emotional problems or other mental health issues might also experience difficulties with male organ function. By paying attention to the factors that affect mental health and well-being, men can reduce their effects on male organ health and prevent loss of function from becoming an additional source of stress.

Stress, depression and anxiety
In today’s high-pressure society, even an average day can be filled with stressors that trigger emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. Long commute times, conflicts at the office, disobedient children or looming tax deadlines can all put pressure on a man’s mind, and his body might respond in kind. Intense mental distress causes the body to go into panic mode, triggering a fight-or-flight response.

Sustained levels of stress can alter the brain chemistry, leading to symptoms of depression and anxiety. These mood disorders can have a negative impact on male organ function, as they may interfere with the chemicals in the brain that signal for a sensual response. Furthermore, intruding thoughts prompted by these conditions can affect a man’s ability to concentrate on intimacy. When a man finds himself unable to respond, this may set him up for performance anxiety, compounding the problem.

Relieving the pressure
Finding ways to cope with the stress of everyday life can help a man to regain his equilibrium and return to business as usual when it comes to performance. Stress management can take the form of more frequent exercise, meditation, taking time off, or finding other ways to eliminate the stressors; in many cases, professional counseling may be helpful in developing coping mechanisms.

When it comes to intimate activities, by reducing the pressure to perform well, men can break the cycle of anxiety and enjoy the effects of relaxation at the same time. When stressful thoughts crowd out the ability to experience pleasure, men can focus on activities that don’t require a robust male organ response. Kissing, cuddling and soft strokes with a partner can be pleasurable without requiring any kind of male organ performance at all. An additional benefit to these activities is that the close contact can increase the body’s levels of endorphins and dopamine, chemical messengers that are mood-enhancing and lead to a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Bringing Back the Fire
Some mental health issues are temporary, and they quickly fade away when the original trigger has left the scene. There are times, however, when men will spend weeks, or even months, dealing with the effects of stress, and in such cases, self-care becomes especially important. Rather than indulging in negative feelings that can exacerbate the problem, men can take steps to relax their minds and bodies. Treating the male organ to a little TLC at the same time may improve both the outer appearance of the male organ and a man’s level of self-confidence – which can in turn improve his ability to perform well.

Soothing, warm baths can help to calm the mind, and the water can help to soften male organ skin and whisk away any hidden germs and bacteria. Soft towels can help dry delicate tissues when the bath is over, and a male organ health creme provides the perfect end to this relaxing self-care session. A high-quality male organ vitamin creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing soothing skin ingredients and essential vitamins can penetrate deep to reach starved tissues. Nourishing the skin, nerve and circulatory tissue of the male organ can help to ensure that it is in full working order for the next intimate encounter.