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Male Organ Function Impaired By Poor Lifestyle Choices

As most men are surely aware, the boys downstairs are exceptionally sensitive. A misplaced blow to the balls can lead to writhing agony, and even such pleasurable acts as manual stroking or physical relations can leave the male organ feeling raw and sore. Sometimes, though, the simple daily choices that a man makes can lead to poor male organ function, and in some cases, fertility could be impaired. Being aware of these issues and knowing how to avoid them can help keep the male organ healthy and performing at its best.

1. Poor Clothing Choices.
Tight, restrictive clothing can limit circulation to the area, meaning that less blood is available to nourish the male tissue. Loss of sensitivity and even male dysfunction can result from wearing too-tight clothing. On top of this, the little swimmers are remarkably sensitive to temperature, and staying too hot can reduce the number of healthy seed. Sticking with undergarments and shorts that allow for a bit of dangle could keep the air moving and the blood flowing, providing an environment that is all-around healthier for the male organ.

2. Too Much Hot Water.
Seed-killing heat doesn’t just originate inside a guy’s closet. Taking frequent dips in bathtubs and hot tubs filled with scalding water can also subject swimmers to killer temperatures. On top of this, hot water can be exceptionally drying for the skin, and bathing frequently at high temperatures can lead to a sore, stressed male organ that may shy away from any intimate contact. Staying away from the heat and choosing warm showers instead can help men to avoid these problems.

3. Toxins in the Blood.
Everything a man puts into his body, including alcohol, tobacco, and other damaging substances, can affect both male organ function and fertility levels. Alcohol, in particular, can put a damper on performance, especially when it is consumed in excess. Smoking cigarettes or using other forms of tobacco can cause serious damage to the nerve tissue, as well as inhibiting seed production and seed health. The following substances should be avoided in order to keep the male organ healthy and firing on all cylinders:

• Alcohol
• Cigarettes
• Chewing tobacco
• Illicit substances
• Performance enhancing substances

4. Weight Concerns.
Excess weight can affect male organ function in numerous ways. Men who are overweight are prone to poor circulation, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes can experience problems such as loss of male organ sensation, inability to perform, and even low fertility rates. Exercising and losing weight can improve a man’s health in a variety of aspects, and nearly all men who begin to increase their overall fitness level can expect to see a corresponding improvement in the performance department.

5. Poor Nutrition.
Producing healthy seed that are ready to make an epic journey means eating a diet that’s rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. Obviously, this means more than potato chips, pretzels and beer. Loading up the plate with healthier options can provide the body with the raw materials required, and while a guy might not see a change on the outside, his body might quickly tell the difference.

Nutrition can also be a vital part of keeping the male skin healthy. If the equipment is well nourished, it is more likely to be able to fight off disease. Smooth, supple male organ skin is much more capable of experiencing pleasurable sensations, plus it just looks and feels more attractive. A male organ health creme is an excellent resource for bridging any nutritional gaps needed to improve the condition of the male organ. A quality product (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) delivers targeted nutrition right where it’s needed most, supporting healthy skin and even more productive intimacy.