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Male Organ Grooming And Prep Getting Ready For Oral Contact

There’s not a man alive who doesn’t enjoy receiving oral contact; the truly considerate male will therefore practice proper male organ preparation on those occasions when he believes his favorite tool may be on its way to an oral-focused joyride. The good news is that many of the preparations the man makes for oral contact also fall under the heading of sensible male organ care, allowing him to not only enhance the pleasure but to maintain his male organ health at the same time.

If it’s good for the giver, it will be better for the recipient.

The fact is that many partners are reluctant to perform oral contact on a man, and this can be especially true in hetero couples. A woman who is not used to performing oral or who has undergone some previous unpleasant experiences may be a bit gun-shy. If her experience is positive, then she will be more likely to engage in repeat performances, which will certainly please the man on the receiving end of her attentions. Thus, not only is properly preparing showing consideration for a partner; it also increases the likelihood that he will be orally pleased in future encounters.

So what should a man do in the way of male organ preparation for an oral experience?

1. Hygiene is key.

Not surprisingly, the number one rule for making the oral contact experience more pleasurable for the person on the giving end is to make sure the organ in question is clean. Often, of course, intimacy occurs in a very spontaneous manner and there is no time to prepare; but in instances in which intimacy is a foreseeable likelihood, taking the time to wash and clean the male organ as near to the “performance time” as possible is essential.

2. Consider a trim.

One of the most common complaints about oral contact centers involves hair getting in the mouth and stuck in the teeth. Some men may want to think about trimming their hair. Naturally, a man must take several factors into consideration here, including what his partner may think of a shaved private area. Rather than go for a completely clean-shaven look, trimming the hair to a short “crew-cut” may be sufficient to decrease the hair issue. However, if a man is going to shave or trim, he should do it at least 24 hours in advance, so that loose hairs have time to get washed off.

3. Attend to issues.

A woman who is hesitant to put a male organ in her mouth is not going to be encouraged if, upon closer inspection of the male organ in question, she discovers rashes, dry flaky skin or other dermatological issues. As most men know, these things can occur with frustrating frequency. A man is advised to do a good check several days in advance and to take steps to address common skin problems so that they are cleared up so the male organ can pass inspection at the proper time.

4. Set the ground rules.

Before embarking on a trip to oral paradise, a man must make sure he is clear as to what his partner expects. The most important thing to determine is whether she wants the man to come in her mouth; if she does not, it is incumbent upon the man to honor her wishes.

5. Be gracious.

This goes beyond preparation, but clearly a man needs to be appropriately appreciative of the partner who has provided him with oral pleasure. Offering to return the favor is de rigeur.

True male organ preparation must also include the use of a first rate male organ vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). The cream must include vitamin A, as that vitamin has anti-bacterial properties that fight embarrassing male organ odor – a definite turn-off to someone putting a male organ in the mouth. In addition, a cream that includes a high end emollient like shea butter will help provide the moisturizing action that fights common male organ skin issues.