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Male Organ Hygiene Not Up To Par? Quick Fixes For A Fresher Manhood

Many a female has stubbornly refused to engage in oral contact with her partner, and who can blame her? Even men who shower every morning are likely to develop some degree of funk during the course of the day’s activities, and it should not be surprising to any that a woman would prefer not to put a sweaty, sticky tool in her mouth. For this reason, among others, courtesy demands that a man who would like some close, intimate contact should put some extra care into his male organ hygiene routine – but where to start? The suggestions given below can put a man on the road to better male organ care, increased manhood health, and best of all – a little more willingness when it comes to his favorite bedtime activity.

Step 1. Trim. Research has shown that the dirtiest part of the human body is – although one might have other locations in mind – the hair. This includes the hair of the head, not to mention the hair of a more intimate nature. It makes sense – the hair is home to all of the usual bacteria, microscopic parasites, and other creepy-crawlies that can generally be found on the skin’s surface. In addition to these pleasant creatures, the hair also traps dirt, body oils, sweat, urine, and other fluids. Therefore, it stands to reason that the more hair is present, the more of all these other delights are present, as well, and the more unpleasant smell that can kick up as a result. Trimming the hair in the pelvic area to a tidy level – or even shaving it right off – means less foliage for these substances to hide in, and therefore, a reduction in the rank odors they can produce. Bonus point – keeping the hair in the area short tends to set the male organ off to its best advantage, making it appear up to an inch longer.

Step 2. Wash. With the surrounding hair at a tolerable level, washing the equipment will have a greater and more lasting effect. Cleaning the male organ requires careful attention, and a little more finesse than used when scrubbing motor oil or the like off the hands. Men should use warm, not hot water, because hot water tends to dry the skin out. A mild cleanser that is free of chemicals or alcohol should be used to lather up, and uncut men should gently retract the sheath to clean away any of the pasty substance known as smegma that has accumulated underneath. Finally, the area should be rinsed thoroughly and patted dry with a soft cloth.

Step 3. Hit the laundry room. None of the effort expended on bathing will have any effect if, after the shower, the man goes dumpster-diving in the dirty laundry hamper in a search for a pair of slightly-used briefs. No matter how clean it looks, a used pair of drawers is sure to have various odors clinging to it, and these will only be amplified by an extra day’s use. Really, there is no excuse for not having a fresh pair on hand at all times – make the time to get the laundry done, and the effort will surely pay off.

Step 4. Moisturize. A man might wonder what, if anything, the level of moisture of his male organ skin has to do with its freshness, and the answer is, plenty. As most guys are already aware, the male organ skin is fairly delicate, and it can be prone to dryness. This can occur due to sweating, rubbing against clothing, and the friction associated with manual stroking and intimate contact. Drying can also result from contact with substances like detergents and soaps, which are designed to strip away grease and oils from clothing, the body, and so on (hence the caution about using a mild, non-soap cleanser for washing the male organ).

The results of all this drying include microscopic fissures, or cracks, in the surface of the skin, which provide the perfect haven for bacteria, fungal spores, sweat and grime. Keeping the area well-moisturized with a high-end emollient can eliminate the dryness and help keep the male organ fresh. A specialized male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is perfect for this step, since it is designed to support healthy manhood tissue all around. A product containing vitamin A provides an extra bonus, as this nutrient has natural antibacterial properties and can be effective in controlling odor-causing bacteria. Applying a cream like this every day, after a shower, can improve the overall look, feel, and smell of the male organ skin, leaving it touchable and appealing.