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Male Organ Pimples – How To Banish Unsightly Bumps

Acne. A condition that nobody likes and everybody is bound to encounter at some point in their life. But what happens when acne continues beyond the adolescent stage, and what happens when acne spreads to the pelvic area? An embarrassing – and potentially painful – condition, male organ pimples are, unfortunately, a relatively common occurrence. While male organ acne may not be an entirely avoidable situation for some men, the appropriate male organ care may help to cut back on outbreaks and speed recovery time when they do happen.

What Exactly is a Male Organ Pimple?

Male organ pimples, also known as male organ acne pustules, are harmless, though their untimely appearance may strike fear into the heart of the man who first spots a red, discharging bump on his package.

That being said, if the bump looks suspicious, begins to excessively bleed or ooze, or appears shortly after unprotected intimacy with a new partner — it may be worth putting in a phone call to the doc to rule out any partner-transmitted infection.

What Causes Male Organ Pimples?

There are a couple of factors that may contribute to the appearance of pimples in the pelvic region.

Ingrown Hairs: A pimple at the base of the male organ is most likely related to an ingrown hair. Clogged pores tend to develop in hair follicles, and an ingrown hair is a frequent culprit. Men with thicker, coarse body hair may suffer from this condition more often than those with a more modest covering.

Shaving: Shaving one’s private parts is becoming a more frequent practice, and though the man or his partner may prefer “man-scaping,” it can have the unpleasant side effect of triggering acne. Male organ acne that shows up a few days after shaving is likely related to an irritation cause by the razor. Some men are prone to red bumps on their face after shaving, and the pelvics are no different, razor burn that happens down there tends to manifest as an acne breakout.

Excessive perspiration: Just like the rest of the body, acne forms when pores become clogged with dirt, oil and sweat. Men who have a sweaty undercarriage may be more likely to break out, particularly those who apply powders to combat the sweat problem, as this may exacerbate and further clog the skin pores.

How to Treat Male Organ Pimples

Luckily, treatment of this condition is relatively simple and should have the male organ looking and feeling healthy in no time.

Shaving Tips

If shaving is causing acne, and not shaving is simply not an option, men can try shaving smarter. A sharp razor should always be used, as dull razors pull and irritate the skin. Standing in a hot shower for a while before shaving will soften hair and open hair follicles. Trimming excessively long hair before using the razor can also prevent pulling and irritation of the skin.


The best way to reduce the oil and blockage is to maintain excellent male organ hygiene by washing the male organ every day, ensuring the area is thoroughly cleansed with a gentle soap. At a separate time of day men, should cleanse the area by using a washcloth and the sink or take a second quick rinse in the shower. It is particularly important to take a shower after working out, sweating, or applying talcum powder to the region to reduce the potential of oil clogging the pores.

Male Organ Care

Using a gentle moisturizer after getting out of the shower is also recommended; lotions should be applied while skin is still damp to hold moisture in. When the male organ is dry, the skin produces more oil to keep it supple, so by applying the cream, less pore-clogging oil will be secreted on the male organ. A high-quality male organ health formula is especially useful as it delivers needed vitamins and nutrients to help keep the male organ healthy (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). The rich moisturizing properties will keep the skin healthy and may help reduce the occurrence of unsightly male organ pimples.