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Male Organ Pride – The Keys To Accepting And Appreciating A Guy’s Tool

Male organ pride is a misunderstood term, most often applied to men who have a male organ size that is considered impressive; on the contrary, male organ pride is something that every man deserves and needs to have, regardless of how he “stacks up” to another man. After all, in the long run, male organ size is of far less importance to a man (or his partners) than his male organ health and skill in using the tool. And an important part of male organ health involves a man having the proper degree of appreciation for the equipment he was born with.

Male organes: they’re everywhere.
It’s likely that people have placed a premium on ample male organ size for millennia; however, the extreme degree of importance placed on the length or girth of a man’s equipment seems to have reached new heights in modern culture. This is probably due to a number of factors, including the increasing openness about intimacy that began with the 1960s, as well as the more ready availability of explicit materials that has reached a new peak with the advent of the Internet.

In other words, people are much more likely now to talk more openly about male organs, and, perhaps more importantly, have many more opportunities to see examples of hard male organs in action. After all, with a few clicks of the mouse, a cornucopia of male private parts is readily accessible, either alone or in conjunction with other private parts of either gender. And, at least in professional adult media, a great deal of attention is placed on members that are above average in dimension.

The myth of size.
In fact, within reason, size is of relatively minor importance when it comes to sensual satisfaction. The vast majority of men, while not possessing “monsters,” are of more than sufficient length and girth to satisfy their partners. While it’s true that the initial exposure to a male organ of truly exceptional size can excite a partner, once the activity begins, skill, consideration and attentiveness become much more important in achieving partner satisfaction. Yet many men still think that size is all that matters.

Learn to appreciate.
Men who have equipment of normal (or even below normal) size need to learn to appreciate what they have and stop longing for a longer tool. Here are steps a man can take to accomplish this.

• Study the male organ. Too many men feel self-conscious about really studying their manhood; they may enjoy watching it as they stroke it, but they rarely just spend a good chunk of time looking at the member and finding the beauty in it. A man should spend some time lying in bed and just gazing at his male organ, turning it this way and that, noticing its color, its shape, the way the glans is formed. Looking in a mirror is also helpful and gives a different perspective.

• Really feel it. Self-pleasuring is great, but a man should also spend time just letting his hands wander over his tool and seeing what kinds of textures it has. As it becomes hard and he continues, moving into stroking, he should concentrate not just on the delightful sensual feelings but also on the specific tactile issue of the difference between the feel of a hard male organ and a soft one.

• Think about it. Every guy should concentrate on all the great experiences that he and his male organ have had. Adolescence would have been a much more boring time without a male organ to provide entertainment, distraction and, yes, occasionally embarrassment.

Really concentrating on one’s male organ can make a man much more appreciative of the wonder that nestles between his legs. And being properly appreciative, he needs to make sure to regularly use a top notch male organ vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to keep his member in good health. Look for a cream that includes vitamin C, which is useful for collagen production and manhood tissue firmness. Also important: a cream with vitamin D, which is proven effective in fighting disease and in enabling cell functionality. These vitamins and other nutrients can help to make a male organ healthier – and therefore happier.