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Male Organ Sensation Loss – Putting The Brakes On Loss Of Sensitivity

By the time most guys reach their teenage years, they have gotten a handle (so to speak) on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to self-pleasure. While intimacy with a partner may offer a whole new world of sensation, a little alone time can bring some intense pleasure that no other activity can match. So when men start to notice that things don’t feel quite as good as they used to, this can cause some anxiety and concern. Fortunately, there are few cases where sensation is really lost for good, and with the right approach to male organ care, men can once again enjoy all the pleasure that intimate touch has to offer.

How does self-stimulation affect male organ sensation?
Most people have heard the saying that “if you don’t use it, you lose it;” and this wisdom certainly applies when it comes to intimacy. Men who do not engage in self-pleasure or engage in intimacy regularly may find that their ability to do so decreases over time, and that they are not as easily turned on by intriguing thoughts or touch.

On the other hand, another saying is that there can be too much of a good thing, and there is also merit in this statement. Overuse of the equipment can lead to loss of sensitivity in some men for the following reasons:

1. Keratinization of dermal tissue – The skin is designed to protect the delicate nerves, blood vessels, muscle and other tissue underneath. When the skin is subject to rough handling, the natural reaction is to form a layer of keratinized tissue in the affected area. While this is normal and is intended to protect the underlying tissue from damage due to overuse, it can also limit the ability of the underlying sensory receptors from detecting gentle touch. This can cause a loss in male organ sensation that may limit a man’s ability to enjoy sensual stimulation.

2. Peripheral nerve damage – Under the outermost layers of skin on the male organ is an intricate network of sensory tissue. These nerve cells can regenerate when damaged, but when steady self-stimulation continues to affect the area on a regular basis, the cells may not have time to recover fully, leading men to experience some loss of sensation.

3. ‘Death grip syndrome’ – While this term sounds ominous, it is not really a recognized medical condition, nor is it a serious problem that results in permanent loss of feeling in the male organ It simply refers to the reduced response of the male organ related to aggressive self-stimulation that is always, or almost always, performed in the same manner. In essence, the nerve pathways between the brain and male organ become overused to the single sensation and no longer recognize it as particularly interesting. In this case, changing techniques, experimenting with softer touch, or simply taking a break for a while can break the cycle and allow men to enjoy self-stimulation and intimacy once more.

Supporting male organ nerve and circulatory health
In addition to giving the male organ some breathing room and mixing up the techniques used for self-stimulation, it is a good idea to give some attention to the overall health of the male organ. Eating right, taking time to relax and de-stress, and getting lots of cardio exercise can keep the circulatory system working properly – a major factor in manhood nerve health.

In addition, keeping the male organ skin clean and well moisturized, as well as adding a natural male organ nutrient cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to the personal care regimen, can help to eliminate dead skin cells, rejuvenate the manhood skin, and promote healthy nerve and circulatory tissue.