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Male Organ Skin Discoloration– Erasing Unsightly Spots, Blotches And Blemishes

It’s the moment at which clothes hit the floor and intimacy begins in earnest. Heavy breathing, sweating skin and racing hearts are common, but so are feelings of insecurity, especially for guys who have splotches of discoloration on the male organ. What will the partner say or do when those odd patches of color come into the light? Will the episode end right there?

These are the sorts of questions that can drive any guy crazy, but thankfully there are a number of male organ care techniques that can help to soothe color-based concerns. In fact, with a few tailored treatments and some easy lifestyle alterations, these blotchy blokes can keep the problem from impacting their romantic lives in any way.

Funky Pigment
Male organ color is influenced, to a large degree, by the color of the skin on the rest of a man’s body. Naturally, this color is rarely uniform from one patch of skin to the next. His hands might be on the same color spectrum as his face, for example, but there might be slight variations due to the kind of environmental exposure the skin faces on a regular basis. The palms of the hands might be darker than a man’s eyelids, for example, as the palms are scraped and abraded through all sorts of manual labor, while the eyelids remain relatively protected.

Similarly, the male organ might have slight variations in color from one inch to the next, depending on the types of activities a man engages in on a regular basis. If he’s prone to rough wanking, for example, he might have stripes of scar tissue on the sides of the male organ, and those little bits might be darker than the tip of the unit, which isn’t abraded during these activities. In a way, the colors on a man’s male organ can demonstrate how he’s been using that tool regularly.

While changes in color are often caused by environment and activity, they can also develop due to irritations from other sources. Perfumed cleansers and detergents can redden the skin, for example, while some types of infections can manifest as pockets of whitish or greenish skin. These problems may be transient, but they can certainly be unsightly.

Erasing odd male organ color
When male organ color changes are caused by health problems, these can be quickly and efficiently dealt with in a doctor’s office. A visual examination followed by a few prescription creams can address some types of discoloration, leaving the skin looking healthy and feeling great.

Color changes caused by scarring are a little harder to deal with, as there is no magic bullet that can make a skin return to its original hue, but sometimes, lifestyle changes can help. After all, if the skin became discolored through constant rubbing in a specific manner, changing up the action can keep the problem from recurring. Common discoloration offenders include:

1. Dry partnered relations
2. Lack of lubrication during manual stroking
3. Any intimate act undertaken when the skin is irritated or sore
4. Rough clothing in contact with intimate skin

Removing these irritants could allow skin to heal, and in time, scarred tissue can slough away and reveal the healthier, vibrant skin that lies beneath. A male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help with that progression. A product like this is designed to penetrate roughened skin, supporting the growth of healthy new dermal cells. A rich vitamin formula can also nourish the skin so it’s as healthy and vibrant as it can possibly be. Regular application can help to rejuvenate stressed skin, while ensuring that the new skin is healthy enough to better withstand the physical demands of intimacy. Those are results any guy – not to mention his partner – can enjoy.